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Graduate Certificate Program Course Offerings

COMM 6210 Principles and Practices of Visual Communication

This course explores visual perception: color, design, viewer effects. You will create and design a project (print, Web site, PowerPoint presentation, video, interactive CD, etc.) and analyze its social significance in businesses and professions. 

COMM 6220 Communication, Technology, and Society

This course covers current issues in communication technology: policy and strategic planning, the "information revolution," media censorship, media ethics, Internet research, media regulation, the right to privacy, libel, copyright, intellectual property, and the "digital divide."

COMM 6230 Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion

Persuasion is a widespread form of modern social management. This seminar examines how persuasive techniques engineer our perception, mobilization, and consent in organizations.

COMM 6240 Communication, Ethics, and the Workplace

This course evaluates how ethics affect job performance, public perception of your firm, and workers' job satisfaction. Students will examine case studies of firms displaying honorable or dishonorable conduct. 

COMM 6250 Correcting Conflict Communication in Organizations

Students will explore the role of communication in organizational conflict management, assess conflict scenes, design correction plans of action for those scenes, and present their solutions. Participants will observe record, describe and analyze conflict episodes in their own work contexts using qualitative analysis methods. 

COMM 6260 Business, Communication and Technology

The course explains the ways organizations use media and communication strategies: face-to-face interaction, dissemination of information via the mass media, connecting by means of computers and the influence of the telephone. 

COMM 6270

Special Topics in Communication Studies
This is a topics course that examines of emerging issues and topics in the field of communication: National security, RFID technology, HIPAA requirements, VOIP regulation, media management, etc.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Federal regulations require that the following information be made available to students considering enrollment in an academic program designed to prepare students for a particular occupation.

The graduate certificate in communication studies is designed to provide advanced study in professional and organizational communication. The certificate of communication studies requires the successful completion of 15 credit hours in communication studies. The certificate can be earned separately or as a part of the master of liberal studies degree.

COMM 6210 Principles and Practices of Visual Communication………....3

COMM 6220 Communication, Technology, and Society………………..........3

COMM 6230 Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion…………….....3

COMM 6240 Communication, Ethics, and the Workplace……………….......3

COMM 6250 Correcting Conflict Communication in Organizations...…...3

COMM 6260 Business, Communication and Technology………………........3

COMM 6270 Special Topics in Communication Studies…………………........3

Duration of Program

5 semesters (3 hours per semester)


$1,575 per course; $7,875 for 15 hours

Completion Rate


Incurred Debt

Most students are employed; employer pays tuition

Job Placement Rates


Students are employed but report promotions soon after acquiring the certificate.

To learn of specific professions and employment opportunities using the Certificate in Communication, please visit  and click on  27-3000 Media and Communication Workers

If you then click on any of these titles on that page, listed below for your convenience, you will find brief descriptions of the respective professions or employment opportunities through the links.

27-3010 Announcers

27-3011 Radio and Television Announcers

27-3012 Public Address System and Other Announcers

27-3020 News Analysts, Reporters and Correspondents

27-3021 Broadcast News Analysts

27-3022 Reporters and Correspondents

27-3030 Public Relations Specialists

27-3031 Public Relations Specialists

27-3040 Writers and Editors

27-3041 Editors

27-3042 Technical Writers

27-3043 Writers and Authors

27-3090 Miscellaneous Media and Communication Workers

27-3091 Interpreters and Translators

27-3099 Media and Communication Workers, All Other

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