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Applied Communication Classes: 8 hrs minimum
COMM 2100 News Writing 4

Theory and practice of news writing as journalistic discourse. Emphasis on news style and values, story structure, types of stories. Ethics, taste and rudiments of law integrated throughout. Prerequisite: 30 hours, Type 20 wpm, pass grammar/spelling/punctuation test, 2.5 GPA


COMM 2210 Radio Production and Programming 4

Basic principles of production and programming including training and development in basic performance areas. A study of contemporary station programming theories and techniques. Includes individual weekly lab requirement.


COMM 2120 Information Gathering and Reporting Methods 4

Introduction to methodology of inquiry using primary sources, critical thinking skills, fact discrimination, interviewing, listening skills, data collection including electronic methods. Writing of originally researched stories for newspaper organizations. (Comm. 2400 recommended) Prerequisite: COMM 2100


COMM 2220 Basic Television Studio Operation 4

Study and practice in the use of studio and control room equipment, including editing equipment. Discussion of the role of the director and producer in television production.


COMM 2630 Visual Communication 4

Instruction and laboratory experience in applying the principles of visual communication to human communication contexts including public relations releases, newsletters, direct mail, and electronic media.


COMM 3270 Radio/Television News Writing 4

Training in the skills required in the preparation, writing and editing of both radio and television news. Prerequisite: English Comp II with a C or better.


COMM 3280 Media Performance 3

A study of the principles and philosophies involved with successful broadcast communication and performance techniques. Includes laboratory projects in commercials, interviewing, news and ad-lib announcing.


COMM 4330 New Technologies 3

The content is designed to explore the changing complexity of the communications industry from both national and international perspectives. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


Conceptual Communications Classes: 8 hrs minimum
COMM 3180 Mass Communication Law 4

Case studies and readings in libel, privacy, access and other legal issues arising from constitutional, judicial and administrative laws that affect mass communication. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


COMM 3290 Media Management 3

The study of electronic media systems from an operations perspective. Course includes: programming, marketing, production and ethical considerations. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


COMM 4210 Electronic Media Research 3

An examination of research done for the electronic media. Included: radio and television ratings, music research and the role of consultants. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


COMM 4220 Advanced Television Production 4

Advanced principles and aesthetic considerations in the production of various television programs. Includes both in-studio as well as location work. Prerequisite: COMM 2220


COMM 4250 Mass Communication History 4

Historical consideration of the media of mass communication from colonial era to the present, with special emphasis on the role mass communication has played in the development of the nation. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


Professional Experience Classes
COMM 4930 Field Study 3

Extended field study of community organization appropriate to student's "Interest Area." Culminates in formal report to include solution to organizational communication problem. Includes presentation of portfolio. (Alternative to Internship) Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.


COMM 4940 Communication Internship 1-3
Professional training in communication relating to newspaper work, public relations, broadcasting etc. Arrangements with the appropriate communication organization must be made in consultation with the internship director prior to enrollment. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair
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