Department of Economics

Graduate Course List

5000-5400 Level Courses

Econ 5010 Current Economic Problems 3

Prerequisites: Econ 1150 and Econ 1200. Course content changes from time to time as important economic problems arise.


Econ 5050 Population Economics 3

Prerequisite: Econ 1150 or Econ 1200. Interaction of economic changes and demographic variables; topics include birth rates, women's employment, marriage and divorce, aging and mortality, migration and overpopulation.


Econ 5100 Business Cycles 3

Prerequisite: Econ 1150. Historical and theoretical study of fluctuations in business activities and an examination of the various theories relating to causes and effects of such cycles.


Econ 5120  Monetary Theory 3

(Quarter System Alias: Econ 518). Prerequisite: Econ 2120 or Econ 3120 or 3150. Modern theories of financial markets, money and the theory of interest rates, money's role in general equilibrium and growth models, and money's ability to cause inflation.


Econ 5130 Monetary and Fiscal Policy 3

Prerequisite: Econ 3150 or Econ 4120 or consent of instructor. Changes in the quantity of money and alternative government spending, taxation, and debt policies, interrelations of fiscal and monetary policies in stabilization programs.


Econ 5150

Advanced Macroeconomic Theory


Prerequisite: Econ 3150 or equivalent or permission of graduate advisor. Theories of consumption and investment. Empirical estimates. Cycle and growth theory, multiplier-accelerator analysis and growth models. The theory and instruments of macroeconomic policy. Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory.


Econ 5160

Topics in Macroeconomics


Prerequisite: Econ 3150. Various topics in macroeconomics including income determination and growth theory; Keynesian, Neo-Classical, Real Business Cycle models, and Monetary and Fiscal Policy analysis.


Econ 5200

Advanced Microeconomic Theory


Prerequisite: Econ 3200 or equivalent or permission of graduate advisor. Advanced topics in microeconomic theory, consumer behavior, the firm and market structure, distribution theory, equilibrium conditions, welfare economics.


Econ 5210

Topics in Microeconomics


Prerequisite: Econ 3200 and consent of instructor. Extended analysis of microeconomic theory concerning individual and social choice issues. Selected topics may include: rational choice behavior, theory of the markets, partial and general equilibrium analysis and welfare economics.


Econ 5230

Poverty and Income Distribution


Prerequisite: Econ 1150 or Econ 1200 or permission of instructor. Causes and consequences of current trends in poverty and income distribution in the U.S.; analysis of policies dealing with problems in these areas.


Econ 5240

Advanced Environmental Economics


Prerequisite: Econ 3200 or consent of instructor. The economics of the environment and natural resources using applied welfare theory, benefit-cost analyses, and nonmarket valuation.  Examination of economic instruments, such as marketable permits, for solving environmental problems.


Econ 5250

Labor Economics


Prerequisite: Econ 1200 or consent of instructor. Labor force characteristics, wage determination, hours and condition of work, unemployment, labor union structure and growth, collective bargaining and modern labor legislation.


Econ 5300

Mathematical Economics


Prerequisite: Econ 1150 or Econ 1200 or consent of instructor. Development and applications of the mathematical tools used by economists. Differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, transcendental functions and series.


Econ 5450

History of Economic Thought


Development of economic theory and thought from the 18th century through the present. Considers the theoretical and prescriptive contributions of orthodox and non-orthodox economists.



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