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Dr. Barbara Schneider

Barbara Schneider is an Associate Professor of English and the Director of Composition.

Office: 5040C University Hall
Phone: 419-530-2086



Director of Composition, Associate Professor. 2000-present.


Ph.D., English, Rhetoric and Composition
Wayne State University
M.A., English, American Literature
Wayne State University
B.A., English, Journalism
Gonzaga University



Myresearch currently follows two tracks through the field of rhetoric and composition. I have published two essays and have another forthcoming that examine issues of ethics in composition studies in various sites, including institutional definitions of scholarship and disciplinary research methods. The other track I continue to pursue is in rhetorical studies. I am presently using my dissertation as the basis for a book proposal in which I interpret texts produced by women during the Progressive era, arguing that the passions, pathologies, capacities and contingencies of the body produce an anxiety in the rhetoric of nation-building that is best revealed in discourses that seek to harness pregnant bodies. This particular project is part of a broader research interest in the material consequences of rhetorical productions.

Academic Awards and Honors

  • University of Toledo, University College Fellow. Awarded April 2003.
  • University of Toledo, Humanities Institute, Research Fellow.  2001-2003. 

  • Thomas C. Rumble Research Fellowship. Wayne State University, 1999-2000.

  • Excellence in Teaching. College of Liberal Arts, Wayne State University, April 1999

  • Ferguson Award for Writing. Honorable Mention. Wayne State University, 1998.     

  • Teaching Assistant. Wayne State University. 1996-1999.



Ohio WINS. 2005-2007. Grant from the Ohio Board of Regents to offer summer institutes for area high school English and language arts teachers to improve articulation between secondary and college writing practices.

Center for Teaching and Learning. 2004-2005. Grant awarded to continue Composition Colloquium initiated with previous PAE grants to work with experts on basic writers.

Center for Teaching and Learning. Summer 2003 $20,000 grant awarded to build content and course specific WebCt templates and train faculty to use as course enhancement for newly-developed Composition II sequence.

URAFP. University of Toledo. 2002  Summer research grant awarded by College of Arts and Sciences for work in the Lillian Gilbreth archives in support of book research.

Excellence in Education. College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo. 2003-2004. Grant awarded to deliver a third series of workshops to extend the revision of Composition II courses to Composition I and to pursue designing computer sites rich in communicative and media technologies.

Excellence in Education. College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo. 2002-2003. Grant awarded jointly with Joan Mullin to deliver a second series of workshops designed to build common practices and to revise Composition II course offerings and community assessment practices.     

Excellence in Education. College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo. 2001-2002.Grant awarded to fund development and delivery of a series of workshops designed to build community and common practices among faculty members of widely varying levels of preparation.


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals and anthologies.

"Physicians who are Qualified; Women who are not." Sizing up Rhetoric. Waveland Press, 2007.

“Ethical Research and Pedagogical Gaps.” CCC.  Fall, 2006.


“Uncommon Grounds: Narcissistic Reading Material Racism.” Pedagogy. 5.2, Spring, 2005.

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“Non-Standard Quotes: Superimpositions and Cultural Maps.” CCC.  December 2002.

“Discourse Research in Applied Linguistics: Contrastive Rhetoric and Genre Analysis.” With Ellen Barton, Valerie Kinloch. Word. Dec. 1999. 

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Book Reviews:

Emancipatory Movements in Composition: The Rhetoric of Possibility. Andrea Greenbaum, SUNY, 2002. CCC, December 2003.

Maternal Impressions: Pregnancy and Childbirth in Literature and Theory by Cristina Mazzoni. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002. Criticism, March 2004.

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The Politics of Motherhood: British Writing and Culture 1680-1760 by Toni Bowers. Criticism. 40.4 (1998):643-47.


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