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Technical Writing Program Mission Statement and Program Goals

Technical and professional writing courses are designed to provide instruction and practice in creating practical and effective documents for students in medical, scientific, and technical and other professional fields.  Students in business, engineering, pharmacy, natural sciences, law enforcement, legal assisting,  health sciences and other professional programs typically enroll in the technical writing course options. 

Students read selected materials, examine sample documents, and develop memos, letters, reports, proposals, and similar kinds of documents required of them in their careers.  The emphasis on practical application distinguish technical writing courses from composition courses which serve as a foundation to focused, informed, and purposeful writing. 

 Students who receive a passing grade in a technical writing course will have prepared, designed, and produced a variety of documents compatible with career or disciplinary (e.g. engineering) writing requirements. Documents are expected to be highly professional in appearance and free from error.

Aspart of the university’s composition program, technical writing courses develop skills and use writing techniques, strategies, formats and values that are essential to successful communication in scientific and technical writing arenas.

Last Updated: 1/4/17