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Recent MA Placements

Below is a list of what some recent graduates of the MA in Literature program at the University of Toledo have done with their degrees (the year listed is that of their graduation from UT). If you are such a graduate and you'd like to be added to this list, please let Dr. Sarkar or Dr. Mattison know.

Alumni in PhD Programs

Joe Heidenescher (2018): Howard University
Marisa Mercurio (2018): Michigan State University
Thomas Rushin (2018): University of Texas at Austin
Rebekah Phillips (2016): University of Delaware
Hillarie Curtis (2015): Syracuse University
Zach Gasior (2015): Iowa State University
Lindsay Vreeland (2013): Northern Illinois University
Felicia Preece (2013): Wayne State University
Laura Scroggs (2012): University of Minnesota
Tiffany Richmond (2012): Bowling Green State University
Amanda Bailey (2011): West Virginia University
Charles Kell (2011): University of Rhode Island
Matt Sackman (2011): University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Carrie Kell (2010): Northeastern University
Erin Bistline (2010): Texas Tech
Ashley Jagodzinski (2010): University of Nevada Las Vegas
Jason Lubinski (2010): University of Oklahoma
Stephanie Opfer (2010): Northern Illinois University
Nicholas Schwartz (2010): University of New Mexico
Danielle Donelson-Sims (2008): Bowling Green State University
Heather Elliott (2008): Rice University

Alumni in MFA Programs

Blair Donahue (2016): MFA candidate at North Carolina State University

Alumni in academic teaching jobs

Kevin Dillinger (2016): English Instructor at Defiance College
Erin Richardson (2015): English Instructor at Birmingham- Southern College, Alabama.
Charish Halliburton (2015): English Instructor at Lourdes University
Sandra Andrews (2015): English Instructor at Monroe County Community College, Michigan.
Sean Burres (2014): English Instructor at Bowling Green State University
Alysha Cook (2013): English Instructor at Northwest State Community College
Brenna Dugan (2010): Chair of Humanities at Owens Community College
Elizabeth Anderson (2011): English Instructor at Lourdes College
Stephanie Opfer (2010): Assistant Professor at Tiffin University
Anita Flynn (2009): English Instructor at Owens Community College
Charles Porter (2006): Associate Professor at Wor-Wic Community College, Maryland

Alumni in K-12 teaching jobs

Kylie Miller (2015): English teacher at Haynes Academy of Advanced Studies, Louisiana
Jilian Stefango (2015): English teacher at Sylvania Northview High School, Sylvania
Laura DeLucia (2013): English teacher at Holy Trinity School, Assumption, Ohio
Katie Arnold (2010): English teacher, Cleveland Public Schools, Ohio
Lindsay Sutton (2010): English teacher, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo
Gordon Bumpus (2008): English teacher at St. John's Academy, Toledo

Alumni in non-teaching careers

Marlon Graves (2016): Screenwriter/Editor at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Nick Corbin (2016): Owner, Nick Corbin Productions (film and documentary production)
Laurie Mix (2015): Development and Outreach Associate, Valentine Theatre
Vanessa Gardner (2013): Coordinator of Student Services, Upward Bound, at Siena Heights University
Eva English (2013): Grants officer at Defiance College
Tricia Salata (2011): Marketing Manager at Cengage Publishing
Charisse Montgomery (2010): Advisor in Pharmacy at UT
Teresa Marie Green (2009): Graduate Academic & ETD Services Specialist at Graduate College, UT
Sherris Schwind (2009): Education Resource Specialist at WGTE
Leah Lederman (2008): Freelance editor and writer
Ian Gibbs Rockwood (2008): Marketing at Blue Suit Records
Rabiyya Qamara Smith (2008): CAMBA (Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization)
Natalie Dielman (2008): Programming Specialist, Perrysburg Way Library
Andrea Falcone (2004): Head of Education & Outreach Services at the University of Colorado Denver Libraries

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