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Student Research

Verl Luse - Intercensal Measurement of Changes in Suburban Areas (pdf)

Kari Gerwin - Maumee AOC Database Development (pdf)

Kari Gerwin - Land Use Change in the Ottawa River Watershed (pdf)

Adam Demars - Niagara Escarpment/Ohio Landsat

Christina Stevens - Remote Detection of Urban sprawl in Perrysburg, OH

Dee Hechler-Ice in Lake Erie

John Rademacher - Estimating pine tree biomass using NDVI, vegetation corrected NDVI and red band radiance (pdf)

Nathan Torbick - Wetlands Investigation Utilizing Remote Sensing Technology (pdf) 

Ryan Chapin - Visualization of Urban Spaces Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Srikanth Palem - Turbidity in Western Lake Erie

Verl Luse - Identifying Urban Sprawl Columbus, OH

Tim Sanderson - Extreme UT Skate

Michael Edwards - Time Series of the University of Toledo's Bancroft Campus using Aerial Photographs (pdf)

Thomas L. Garey - Sequent Occupance in the Birmingham Ethnic Neighborhood of East Toledo, Ohio: 1880-2001. Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for Master of Arts in Geography, Advisor: Dr. David "Jim" Nemeth, August 2001

Zhonge Wang - Toledo Urban Sprawl Project (pdf)

Jyoteshwar R. Nagol - Using Remotely Sensed Data from ASTER to Look at the Impact of Recent Earthquakes in Gujarat, India (pdf)

Lu Zhao - Observing Urban Heat Island Effect in Lucas County Using Remote Sensing (pdf)

Elizabeth A. Mather - Change in Savanna Land Cover in the Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio (pdf)

Mary Bresee and Jim LeMoine - Time series of a forested landscape from remote sensing

Mike Palmer - Land Use/Land Cover Classification of Landsat 7 imagery on a Portion of Auglaize River Watershed for Input to SWAT Model (pdf)

Gavin Smith - Forest Cover Change in Northwest Ohio1984-2000 (pdf)

Craig Bowers - Using NDVI in Correspondence with A Soil Test Report from a 53.78 acre field in Putnam County, Ohio (pdf)

Li Li - Making Urban Ecostructure Map By Using Supervised Fuzzy Classification of LandsatImage- of Genesee county (MI) (pdf)

Timothy Ault - The Toledo Neighborhood Guide (pdf)


Last Updated: 8/8/17