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Participant Requirements and Selection Criteria

Participant Requirements


Eligible participants include

  • primary, middle-school, secondary and community college teachers who are strongly committed to international education and whose comments demonstrate international content
  • curriculum development specialists and teacher educators
  • school administrators, media experts and teachers who are internationalizing school programs and/or curriculum
  • graduate students preparing for teaching careers in international affairs fields and whose degree programs demonstrate strong international content
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • full-time employees or full-time students

 Full commitment to the objectives and activities of the program; ability to participate fully in all aspects of the project; and attendance at pre- and post-travel workshops are required.



Selection Criteria

 Strong Preference will be given to

  • Middle- and secondary-school teachers of social studies and visual arts
  • Individuals with experience or potential for curriculum development
  • Individuals with minimal prior experience in Africa and the developing world

 Selection will seek to include as diversity set of participants as possible, including a mix of teachers from a variety of schools and school systems.

Last Updated: 8/8/17