Intergovernmental Relations

Political Science 4250 - 5250, Prof. Davis

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History: The Articles of Confederation , the Constitution of 1787, Federalist No. 39, discussion and material about the Constitution.

Cooperative federalism under Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal and under Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society . Picket fence is a form of cooperative federalism. Historical highlights.

Delegated Programs are based on national laws and funding, but administered cooperatively with the states. The earliest, begun in 1862, was the Morrill Act for land grant colleges. Welfare was added piecemeal during the Great Depression: US DHHS , Ohio DJFS and the Lucas County office. Many environmental programs were added during the Environmental Decade: US EPA and Ohio EPA. The surface mining program began in 1977: US OSM and Ohio DNR

Grants pay for virtually all these programs. Money for housing from HUD and highways from the Federal Highway Administration. Grant writing is big business: the  School Study Council and Midwest Lincs. Every national department has an office of Intergovernmental Relations to manage interaction with the states and cities: HUD and EPA. The term pork barrel means money for localities that does not serve a national purpose. Often a Member of Congress will be able to earmark an appropriations bill. Congresswoman Kaptur is a master. Senator McCain denounces the practice, as well as waste in general. Pork barrel even effects a scientific agency like NASA .  

Local government is diverse: Municipalities like Toledo , Sylvania , Maumee , Cleveland , Minneapolis and Monroe . Ottawa Hills is a village. Counties like Lucas Cuyahoga and Monroe .  Townships like Washington and Bedford . School districts like Toledo and Ottawa Hills Water districts may be independent, but the Toledo city department serves many areas outside the city up into Monroe County. Lucas County Solid Waste is a special district. Parks like Metroparks .    

Port  authorities like  Toledo Lucas County Port Authority  and  the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (which owned the World Trade Center). Section 208 of the 1972 Clean Water Act provided for COGs like TMACOG and SEMCOG    

The Judiciary: Court cases and freedom of speech

The Electoral College was a compromise at the Convention of 1787 to assure the place of the states:  The US Archives , Avagara , Whitson and critics .  

Federalism Abroad: The European Union, the Swiss Confederation and its Council , Canada , Germany , BelgiumAustralia , India and Russia .  European history    

Associations: The Council of State Governments, the National Governors Association, the National League of Cities , the Conference of Mayors , the National Conference of  State Legislatures , the International City Managers Association, and the National Association of Counties .  Many have their headquarters in the Hall of the States at 444 North Capitol Street in Washington.  

Resources: The Center for the Study of Federalism at Temple University. Publius the Journal of Federalism and  History from GWU.  The infidel list.   

Within the University: Department of Political Science and the MPA program.
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