Political Science and Public Administration

B.A. in Political Science with a Specialization in Public Administration

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration at The University of Toledo offers a major in political science with a Specialization in Public Administration. The objective of this program is to prepare students for careers in public and nonprofit organizations upon graduation, as well as to provide a basis for subsequent graduate work in a wide variety of professional programs.

The specialization requires the completion of 34 hours in political science and public administration, as well as the related course work and other requirements that are normal in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The foundation requirements for this specialization are:

PSC 1200  American National Government 3
PSC 2300  Principles of State and Local Government 3
PSC 3110 Social Science Statistics 3
PSC 3420 Principles of Public Administration 3

Second, the student is to select one course from among each of the four following areas of specialization:

Organization Theory
PSC 4370 Administrative Behavior 3
PSC 4410 Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3
PSC 4470 Public Organization Theory 3
SOC 4610 Sociology of Organizations 3
MGMT 3030 Managerial & Behavioral Processes in Organizations 3
Public Policy
PSC 3260 Government & the Economy 3
PSC 4320 Urban Policy & Administration 3
PSC 4330 Health Care Policy 3
PSC 4340 Environmental Policy & Administration 3
PSC 4460 Policy & Administration 3
Personnel Administration
PSC 4430 Public Personnel Administration 3
MGMT 3220 Human Resource Management 3
MGMT 3630 Conflict Resolution & Negotiations 3
Financial Administration
PSC 4440 Budgeting & Financial Administration 3
ACCT 3010 Cost Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors 3

Third, since this specialization falls within the B.A. in Political Science, the student must comport with the "gateway" requirements of the degree by selecting one course from among two of the three following subfields of the discipline:

Comparative Government
PSC 2610 Government of Great Britain 3
PSC 2620 Comparative Politics - Continental Europe 3
PSC 2660 Politics in Africa 3
PSC 2680 Governments of Asia 3
International Relations
PSC 2700 Principles of International Relations 3
Political Theory
PSC 2800 Principles of Political Theory 3

Finally, one additional course in political science is required to amass the required 34 hours of credit for the major.

Last Updated: 8/8/17