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UT Psychology Research Programs

Research is a key component of our undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology. The department is home to numerous basic and applied research laboratories focused on contributing to the advancement of knowledge, alleviation of human suffering, and promotion of health.

Faculty in the clinical psychology doctoral program conduct research through the Adaptive Regulation and Coping Lab, Anxiety and Stress Lab, Child Anxiety and Stress Lab, Community Psychology Lab, Cyberpsychology Lab, Health Psychology Lab, Psychological Assessment Lab, and the PTSD Lab, as well as the externally-funded Wellness Management and Recovery (WMR) and Personality and Emotion Research and Treatment (PERT) laboratories.

Faculty in the experimental psychology doctoral program conduct innovative research through the Cognitive Labs, Forensic Developmental Lab, Psychobiology and Learning Labs, and the Social Psychology Labs. The research in these laboratories focuses on such issues as stereotypes and prejudice, decision-making, social comparison and comparative judgment, the perception of vulnerability/risk, the formation of affect and emotions, comparative differences in hearing processes, the accuracy of children's courtroom testimony, the effects of effort and secondary reinforcement on learning in single-cell organisms, and the cerebral lateralization of perceptual, motor, and cognitive functions.

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