School of Visual and Performing Arts



Emphasis in the painting program is placed upon advancing from technical proficiency toward the development of individual conceptual goals relative to painting. Because the history of art is so substantially the history of painting, an area so freighted requires a sound technical basis and understanding upon which to build.

Art History and The Toledo Museum of Art collections are seen as an ongoing reference relative to painting problems. Development of technical skills through extensive studio work in color, drawing, and pictorial design is stressed in early courses in the painting program, while students are liberally educated to understand that technical skills are ultimately in the service of ideas and concepts.

Students are encouraged to experiment in new directions in painting and remain open to innovative ideas and approaches. In this painting program, after introductory painting, there are many ways to work and express ideas and no single “right way” to paint. Painting students are assisted and encouraged to explore in depth and richness of possibility.

Last Updated: 8/8/17