School of Visual and Performing Arts



The Printmaking program seeks to impart an understanding of the print matrix as a means for expressing original works of art, as it relates to a fine arts process. The printmaking area offers students the opportunity to become versed in the media of intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, relief printing, digital printmaking and monotype.

Students are encouraged to use the wonderful diversity of printmaking media as a point of departure. Student are made aware of the cross pollination of Design, Photo, Paint and Drawing that are inherent to printmaking.

While upholding high technical standards, students are encouraged to think as artist printmakers. The printmaking faculty, create an environment promoting critical dialogues that investigate contemporary art issues as well as the process of creating art.


Studio space is 2534 sq. feet.

Instructional areas/work stations
   -Main instructional area: Aspects of Printmaking, Etching and Lithography
   -Screen-printing area
   -Light Safe room
   -Stone Storage Area
   -Stone Grinding/Wash Out area
   -Acid/Grounds room
   -Computer room


  -Charles Brand intaglio press 26”x 48” bed
   -Takach 4072 intaglio press 40” x 72” bed
   -2- 24” x 36 Hot plates
   -2- Vertical etching tanks ( ferric), 24”w x 29” d x 4” h
   -Acid fume hood 36” x 84” id.
   -Wysong & Miles Plate cutter 37” wide
   -48w” x 36h” x 30h” spray ventilation booth
   -O.M. “Atlas” proof letter press 14” x 18” bed
   -Charles Brand lithography press 30” x 50” bed
   -Takach lithography press 26” x 46” bed
   -58 lithographic limestones, largest stones 26” x 26”
   -Genie Handy Lift 22” x 23” bed, 600 lb capacity
   -Stone Graining Sink, 66” x 40”
   -Nu-Arc 26-1K Mercury vacuum plate exposure unit, 27.5” x 23”id
   -Amergraph 355 vacuum screen-printing exposure unit, 47” x 36” max screen size
   -Nu-Arc Light Table 33” x 43”
   -Screen wash-out booth 54w” x 40h” x 30d” with power sprayer.
   -50+ Printing Screens, assorted sizes
   -3- Drying racks 35” x 27” x 60h”
   -Macintosh G4 computer
   -Macintosh G3 computer
   -GCC Elite XL 20/1200 wide format laser printer
   -Epson Stylus Color 3000 medium format ink jet printer
   -Microtek flat bed scanner 

Last Updated: 8/8/17