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Eric Zeigler
Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Art & Foundations
Photography Lab and Print Center Technician

Eric Zeigler Underlying Cinder Hills
Cinder Hills

Eric Zeigler is an artist, designer, and researcher whose current work involves photography and unconventional transformation of images. He received an MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and exhibits his work nationally. Zeigler current work investigates the visual links between imaging devices (which allow us to conceptualize our world) and the actual mysterious components of, and occurrences in our universe. What intrigues him most is the positive reinforcement that happens when we are looking for new information—the fact that when we look deeper into the universe, and therefore further back in time, we are forced to better understand and exploit materials that have existed on our planet for billions of years to create new devices to see.

Zeigler is a Lecturer of Multidisciplinary Art and Foundations in the Department of Art at the University of Toledo. He created and runs the Art Print Center, which serves as a hub for all digital artwork production by university students, faculty, and local artists.

M.F.A. Photography
San Francisco Art Institute 

B.F.A., Photography
Bowling Green State University

CVA 3110 

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