Department of World Languages and Cultures

UT Internships Abroad Information

UT Internships Abroad Information

General Information on Travel and Work Abroad




Dr. Sammy Spann, Director, Study Abroad 

Office:  Office of Study Abroad, SM1060

Phone:  419-530-5268


Scholarship Fund


University of Toledo International Education Financial Aid Fund

Stipend:          Between $200 and $1000

Restrictions:   Students must be full-time at time of application

Deadlines:     For Spring 2007: 13 October 2006

                        For Summer 2007: 23 February 2007

                        For Fall 2007: 14 April 2007

Contact:          Dr. Sammy Spann, Office of Study Abroad, x5268




AIESEC – Work Abroad

API (Academic Programs International)

Intern Abroad


Transitions Abroad

University of California, Irvine – Best Bets for Internships Abroad

University of Michigan – Work Abroad

University of Minnesota – Intern Abroad

USAC Program


College of Arts & Sciences, Department of World Languages and Cultures


Courses and credit

FREN 4190:  Study Abroad.  1-12 hours. 

GERM 4940:  Work Experience Abroad.  1-12 hours.

JAPN 4190:  Study Abroad.  1-12 hours. 

SPAN 4190:  Study Abroad.  1-12 hours.

General requirements:  Credit is awarded in accordance with established departmental procedures.  The prerequisites are:  completion of language course 3020 and consent of instructor.


Selected Programs


Transatlantic Program


Internships in :  Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Thailand



Study Abroad Opportunities

Career Opportunities in Foreign Languages

The BA/MBA Program



Herbert Schering Award in German Studies – for study abroad


Deadline:                               1 April

Coordinator:                          Dr. Friederike Emonds, FH 2400M, x7903


Marianne Bigney Scholarship Award in German Studies – for UT course credit


Deadline:                               1 April

Coordinator:                          Dr. Friederike Emonds, FH 2400M, x7903



Dr. Ruth Hottell                                                         Dr. Linda Rouillard

Professor of French                                                  Associate Professor of French

2400F Field House                                                    2400E Field House

Phone:  (419) 530-4651                                             Phone:  (419) 530-2029                                


Dr. Friederike Emonds

Professor of German

Department of World Languages and Cultures

2400M Field House

Phone:  (419) 530-7903



College of Business – International Business


Courses and Credit

Tobe eligible for an internship, College of Business Administration (COBA) students must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average, have a minimum of 60 earned hours, and have been accepted to the Upper Division.  In some cases, an internship may also have a course pre-requisite.

Interns must work a minimum of 170 hours.  The Faculty Internship Advisor in the student’s area of specialization will screen the position to ensure that the learning experience is worthy of three hours of academic credit.  After receiving faculty approval, the student meets with the COBA Study Abroad Coordinator to determine how/if the internship credit can apply toward the BBA degree.  Generally, a maximum of six credit hours of study abroad experience (courses and internship) is permitted to apply toward a student’s area of specialization.  After receiving faculty and study abroad approval, students will be allowed to register for ACCT 4940, EFSB 4940, FINA 4940, IBUS 4940, INFS 4940, MGMT 4940, MKTG 4940, or PSLS 4940 depending on their area of specialization.


Students must contact the Business Career Programs office for a comprehensive list of requirements for earning credit for COBA internships.



International Business Institute Scholarships

COBA Scholarships



Business Career Programs

College of Business

International Business Institute



Business Career Programs

College of Business Administration

Stranahan Hall, Rm 1045

Toledo, OH 43606-3390

Phone: (419) 530-5400

Fax: (419) 530-5406



College of Engineering


Courses and Credit

BIOE 3940 Co-op Experience.  1 hour.  Prerequisite:  BIOE 1200.

CHEE 3940 Co-op Experience.  1 hour.  Prerequisite:  CHEE 2010.

CIVE 3940 Co-op Experience.  1 hour.  Prerequisites:  CIVE 1100, 1150, 2000; MATH 1860 or previous enrollment in CIVE 3940.

EECS 3940 Co-op Experience.  1 hour.  Prerequisite:   EECS 2100.

MIME 3940 Co-op Experience.  1 hour.  Prerequisite:  MIME 1010.

General requirements:  Co-op experience must be approved.  Course may be repeated for credit.



Numerous scholarships depending on department and class rank; information



Engineering Career Management Office

General Student Information



Vickie L. Kuntz, Lead Director,

Engineering Career Management Center &

Director, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

1040 Nitschke Hall

Phone:  (419) 530-8054



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