Department of World Languages and Cultures

Ruth A. Hottell

Ruth A. Hottell
Professor of French

Field House 2400 F

(419) 530-4651


Ph.D. Interdisciplinary French Studies. University of Illinois. 1987.

M.A. French Literature. University of Louisville. 1981. With Distinction.

B.A. French, Minor in Theater. Western Kentucky University. 1974. Cum Laude.


Currently finishing a manuscript on Agnès Varda’s cinema (prospectus and one chapter available upon request).

French Speaking Women Filmmakers. A guide. With Janis Pallister. Madison:Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2005.

Francophone Women Documentarians. With Janis Pallister. New York: Peter Lang Press, 2005.


“Evelyne Accad: Traveling through mutation and mutilation of the Other.” To appear in Cheryl Toman, Evelyne Accad, a Retrospective. Summa Publications.

“Le 28e Festival International de Films de Femmes.” To appear in French Review, “Simone Veil.” To appear in An Encyclopedia of Jewish Women.

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