Department of World Languages and Cultures

Part-time Instructors


Part-time Instructors, Spring 2019

Name Office Ext. Language
Al-Zahrani, Saeed FH 3060G 7972 Arabic
Khalil, Aya     Arabic
Kina, Mie FH 3060C 4626  Japanese
Kitamura, Ryo FH 3060C 4963  Japanese
Lee, Pickering FH 3060H 7971  Chinese
Mora-Calderon, Yolanda UH 5130L 4928  Spanish
Pawlak, Kristi FH 3060D 4626  Japanese
Peralta, Javier UH 5130K 4763  Spanish
Salem, Nada FH 3060G 7972  Arabic
Swade, Rita FH 3060E 7974  Spanish
Will, Beverly FH 3060E 7974  Spanish
Xiao, Mingli     Chinese


  Visiting Assistant Professor   

Name Office Ext. Language
Hottell, Ruth  FH    French
Sulzer, Bernhard FH 2400M  7903 German

 Graduate Students

Name Office Ext. Language
Edelbrock, Allison FH 3060A 4669  Spanish
Figueroa, Alexandra  FH 3060A 4669  Spanish










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