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Dancing Rockettes Auditions

Auditions for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Dancing Rockettes will be held Sunday, April 30, 9am-1:30pm, in the Dance Studio of the Health Education Building on the UT Main Campus.  A team meeting/fitting will occur following the announcement of the 2017-18 selections (approximately 4:00pm). Basic audition information is below.  If you plan to audition, please click here to complete our Online Audition Registration Form.  Contact the coach - Devon Sullivan - with questions.


The audition process will begin promptly at 9:00am with interviews.  This is where we will look at the documents that you brought to the audition.  We will then begin the choreography session where you will learn your entire audition piece, followed by a run through of all the skill sets.  Once finished, we will go right into judging where you will perform your choreography three at a time, but your skills will all be done individually.


Each dancer needs to bring with them:

1. Letter of Recommendation

2. Resume/Portfolio including dance experience and history

3. Head Shot

Skill Sets:  

Turns: Pirouettes (single, double, triple), A la Secondes, Axels, Calypso, Turning Disc. You will have the option to showcase one turn sequence of your choice not to exceed 2 counts of 8.

Leaps: Center, Right/Left Grand Jete, Switch Leap (right & left), Toe Touch, Firebird.

Flexibility: Splits-Right/Left/Center, Leg Hold, Illusion.

Acro Skills: Handstand, Cartwheel, Backbend, + any additional skills that you have.

Kick Line Series & Pom Motions Sequence - both of these will be taught the morning of auditions.

Eligibility:   Any University of Toledo student or incoming freshman.  Applicant must have been accepted and committed to attending The University of Toledo.

Attire:  Your appearance as a Dancing Rockettes is very important. You must always display yourself in a collegiate and professional manner. For auditions, dancers should have a game-day look - meaning hair down and styled, performance makeup and lip stick. No jewelry of any kind other than stud earrings. You must be wearing all black or navy and no loose baggy clothing permitted. A sports bra or fitted tank top and shorts or leggings. Jazz shoes must be worn during audition. No apparel saying Toledo Dance Team/Rockettes should be worn.

No specific number of Rockettes is chosen.  The number depends upon the caliber of applicants as determined by the judges.  Candidates selected are members of the band and are subject to the same rules, regulations, and expectations as the other band members.  UT Rockettes must audition each year.

Please Contact Us:  Let us know you are coming.  If you are planning to audition, please contact UT Rockettes Coach, Devon Sullivan, at toledorockettes@gmail.com.


Last Updated: 4/18/17