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Dancing Rockettes Auditions

Auditions for the Fall 2015 Dancing Rockettes will be held Saturday, May 2nd, 9am-2pm.  Basic audition information is below.  If you plan to audition, please click here to complete our Online Audition Registration Form.  Contact the coach - Tenethia Beamon - with questions.

Audition Schedule:
9-10am                Interviews

10-11:30am        Warm-up and technique

11:35-11:45am   Review first 4 eight counts

11:45-12:15pm   Learn last 4 eight counts

12:15-12:30pm   Review attire combination

12:30-12:45pm   DANCER BREAK

12:45-2:00pm     Dance auditions

Requirements & Expectations for the Audition:  

1.  Competition dance background ( highly recommended but not required).

2. Recommendation letter from a former dance instructor (Bring with you to the audition).

3.  Dance portfolio w/ head shot (Bring with you to the audition.)

4. Video dance combination. A link to a dance combination will be emailed to you. You will be expected to learn the 4 eight counts on your own. During the audition you will learn another 4 eight counts.  Then you will perform the entire combination for your audition.

5. Must be able to do:
 1. Right, left and center splits; 
2. Triple pirouettes; 
3. Fiouttes; 
4. Disc jumps
; 5. Center leaps
; 6. Jettas
; 7. Calypsos; 
8. Illusions
; 9. Leg holds
; 10. Switch leaps; 
11. Turnout and technique

Eligibility:   Any University of Toledo student or incoming freshman.  Applicant must have been accepted and committed to attending The University of Toledo.

Attire:  Form fitting dancewear, jazz/ballet shoes, ponytail.

No specific number of Rockettes is chosen.  The number depends upon the caliber of applicants as determined by the judges.  Candidates selected are members of the band and are subject to the same rules, regulations, and expectations as the other band members.  UT Rockettes must audition each year.

Please Contact Us:  Let us know you are coming.  If you are planning to audition, please contact UT Rockettes Coach, Tenethia Beamon, at tbeamon22@gmail.com.




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