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It is critical that organizations align themselves with universities that:

Produce quality field ready candidates

  • UT offers a professional sales major, minor, concentration, and MBA concentration
    • 1 of 2 to offer major, minor, “other” undergraduate designation, AND a graduate degree designation
    • 1 of 12 with a graduate degree designation
    • 1 of 15 with major and minor
    • 1 of 24 with major
  • UT students complete a required sales internship
  • UT curricula is integrated, hands-on, and taught by faculty who have sales experience.  UT is the only university in the country to require their majors to take a purchasing class.
  • UT competes at multiple regional and national competitions each year and has a top 10 track record for over a decade
  • UT sales students are hardworking and know how to balance priorities as many of them are funding their own college educations
  • UT has an active advisory board to ensure strategic alignment with the business community
  • UT faculty research influences curriculum enhancements, gets presented at the National Conference in Sales Management (NCSM), and is published in key sales and marketing journals such as the Journal of Professional Selling and Sales Management (JPSSM)

Provide a strong volume of candidates

  • UT has 200+ sales students and is one of the largest and most robust programs in the country
  • UT is actively connecting with high school students and teachers to maintain and grow enrollments (and job placements) for the future
  • UT has a customizable scholarship program dedicated to professional sales students (separate sponsorship)

Facilitate opportunities for engagement/outreach

  • UT provides year round, college and sales program specific events (Job Fair, Networking Night, Internal Sales Competition, Fall Fête, and the national UT Invitational Sales Competition)
  • UT hosts intimate, smaller interactions like the exclusive Corporate Coaching Sessions, Guest Lecturers in classes, Exclusive Engagements, and student representatives on the ESSPS Advisory Board Committees
  • UT augments events with award winning online tools like the Recruiter Videos Channel, Role Play Channel, and Elevator Pitch Channel
  • UT is home to chapters for student organizations like Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), Alpha Kappa Psi (AKP), and American Marketing Association (AMA)

Offer an attractive geography

  • UT is in the heart of the Midwest and close to a number of corporate offices and customers
  • UT students are 50/50 on the relocation of 100 miles or more from where they call home

Deliver programs to develop, train, and coach current members of your sales team


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Last Updated: 5/9/18