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John B. and Lillian Neff Trading Floor

OnFriday, October 22, 2004, the College of Business and Innovation dedicated the John B. and Lillian Neff Trading Room. The facility was financed by a generous $1 million donation by Mr. and Mrs. Neff. Students benefit from the Trading Room through interactive courses of study using real and delayed-time information from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and Chicago Board and Trade.

John Neff served as manager of the Vanguard Windsor Fund, now run by Vanguard Mutual Funds of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

His investment style is known to be based on buying good companies with moderate growth and high dividends while out of favor, and selling once they rise to fair value. He is known as 'the professional's professional', because many fund managers entrusted their money to him in the belief that it would be in safe hands. That view was justified by his remarkably consistent performance. For more than 30 years, the Windsor Fund routinely featured in the top 5 percent of all US mutual funds.

MrNeff studied industrial marketing at college, but attended night classes to get a degree in banking and finance. In 1954, he became a securities analyst with the National City Bank of Cleveland. Both there and at his next firm, Wellington Management, he pursued a value style of investment modeled on the writings of Ben Graham. He went on to apply this to three equity-and-income funds - Windsor, Gemini and Qualified Dividend - with spectacular results until his retirement in 1995.

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