College of Business and Innovation

MBA Testimonials

Testimonials from UT College of Business and Innovation MBA graduates


“My new MBA has had an immediate impact on my career. Less than a month after finishing classes at UT, I attended a ten-day seminar sponsored by the League of American Orchestras, called Essentials of Orchestra Management. As one of only 31 people selected from across North America and Europe, I participated in a rigorous curriculum built to prepare the next generation of symphony orchestra leaders. The most unique part of the course, called “OpComm” (Operating Committee), places students in unfamiliar roles, facing a pretend orchestra with intimidating financial and artistic challenges. As one of only two MBAs in the class, my understanding of finance, human resources, and marketing were a vital piece of our team’s success.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and having an MBA definitely made a difference!

The experience of obtaining my MBA at UT was enjoyable. I love going to school, so it wasn’t a hardship to attend class after work, but UT and COBI made the whole process so simple. Because I didn’t have to worry about parking passes or getting the classes I needed, all I had to worry about was doing well in class.”



“My specialization in the MBA program was finance, which I chose because one of my favorite classes that I took as an undergrad was Principles of Financial Management, and I have always enjoyed working with numbers.

COBI did an amazing job of preparing me in several ways. First, the classes that I have taken and the faculty have been instrumental in giving me the educational background I needed. Secondly, the programming presented by COBI and the Business Career Programs office, such as the job fair, etiquette dinner, and resume critiques, helped prepare me for the professional environment and develop my professional network.

The COBI instructors are phenomenal. It was apparent from my first COBI experience that the entire faculty and staff were incredibly student-focused and were dedicated to helping students not only in class, but to succeed in their future careers.”


“As a Contract Specialist, I could be purchasing items from goggles to billion dollar aircrafts for the Air Force. I will be in direct contact with Air Force personnel as well as businesses to make deals on what the Air Force needs to do their job. The other end of my job will be to ensure that these goods get to the men and women protecting our country when they need it.

COBI was crucial to finding this WPAFB Contract Specialist position. Wright Patterson contacted our Business Career Programs office to do some on-campus recruiting. I found out about the position through an email notification that Carol Stamm sent out and actually interviewed on campus because Wright Patterson came to us! It made it very convenient to go through the whole process.”


“My undergrad major was Marketing and Organizational Development & Leadership. After graduating from UT in 2008 with my bachelors degree I continued on with my MBA specializing in Marketing.

I think The University of Toledo’s business program is one of the best in the area. I am also on the recruiting team for Marathon and we have been very pleased with the interns and full-time hires that have come from The University of Toledo.”


“I am so grateful that COBI has Business Career Services, one of the best resources offered. I took full advantage of this through the interviewing process with PwC. It made it so convenient to have my interviews on campus, allowing me to be in a comfortable and familiar setting. In addition, Business Career Services provides students with feedback on how they performed during the interview, given to them from the interviewing company. These evaluations show areas of strengths and areas of improvement, and I utilized this feedback to help improve my performance.

I have nothing but positive words to say about the programs offered, the faculty, the students, and the opportunities offered to COBI students. I truly believe that UT COBI has so many resources and connections that allow students to reach their full potential. The teachers are willing to do anything to help see their students excel, whether it be extra help or assisting with networking with various professionals in the community. I have been offered some incredible opportunities because of UT COBI and I cannot thank them enough.”

Last Updated: 11/14/16