College of Business and Innovation

Rick Isby - Account Manager (Thyssenkrupp)

Rick Isby

"I’m extremely grateful for what COBI has done not only for me but also my fellow classmates. Only at the University of Toledo will you find COBI. COBI will equip you with high quality education, real life business experiences, accountability and a map plan of how to obtain a degree AND how you will obtain gainful employment in your field of choice. RESULTS is what COBI will give you!

Being an account manager at Thyssenkrupp is a perfect fit for me. Working with Thyssenkrupp has allowed me to travel across the United States, has a very appealing earning potential, gives me control of a large territory, and provides room for both rapid advancement and longevity. Most importantly, as an account manager I’m the face of the company. I’m given much responsibility that gives me a sense of accountability and pride. I was responsible for securing vertical (escalators and elevators) and horizontal (people-movers, like those in airports) transportation service and repair contracts.

I used my sale skills to make first contact with current customers, cold calling new customers to upgrade their current elevator situation and negotiate new proposals. Furthermore, I also developed and maintained strong relationships with new and current customers to meet and exceed monthly sales goals and quotas.

COBI really helped me prepare for my position at Thyssenkrupp in a variety of ways, including a strict, challenging course load; sale competitions with real companies; resume critiques; and role plays (the closest experience to encountering corporate America!) COBI helped me establish a working foundation of knowledge and growth that I was able to use from day one at ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas. I can confidently say that I was more than prepared. My colleagues are very impressed at the level of sales content I was able to acquire while at COBI.

An introduction to business course in high school pulled me toward the sales field and helped me create my own company during high school (DaRic Homes, in which I quick-flipped homes). When I came to COBI, selecting the marketing and professional sales concentration was a no brainer! It’s nationally ranked, and in my home town so there is a sense of pride graduating from here. After conducting my own research, it is a widely known program that really says a lot about a person who has gone through it.

COBI is in a class of its own; PROVEN AND EFFECTIVE. As a transfer student, I thought it would be difficult to adjust to a new university, faculty members and course design. The professors and students helped me settle into what has been the best decision that I could have made. I put my future in the hands of COBI; I can happily say that I’m a byproduct of the best business program in the country. If you want results, if you want a secure future, if you want exposure, if you want value, buy into the COBI initiative as I did and watch doors to your future open."

Last Updated: 11/3/16