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Program Requirements

Criminal justice is concerned with the prevention and control of crime and juvenile delinquency and the administration of justice. The Center for Criminal Justice offers programs of study through University College leading to a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Criminal justice is an interdisciplinary course of study that draws upon knowledge, research and practice from many different subject fields, such as the social and behavioral sciences (e.g., Anthropology, Economics, History, Law, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology and Sociology), biological and physical sciences, engineering and many other subjects.

Some beginning students enroll in The University of Toledo's Community and Technical College, completing an Associate's degree in Law Enforcement and/or Correctional Technology. Those students who choose to pursue a Bachelor's degree in the second half of the 2-plus-2 program, will take additional required and elective courses in substantive subjects (e.g., criminology, administration of criminal justice) comprising the multidisciplinary field of Criminal Justice. Students already possessing an Associate's degree from another institution in criminal justice or related fields (e.g., law enforcement, police science, corrections, legal studies, etc.), also are eligible to enroll in this program. Students may enter University College without an Associate's degree, but, as criminal justice majors, are expected to complete course work in Law Enforcement and Corrections as well as other substantive criminal justice subjects.

Students must also complete the University Undergraduate Core Curriculum and University College general education requirements. The minimum credit requirement for the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice is 124 semester hours. A minimum of 55 semester hours will be earned at the baccalaureate level, of which 40 hours must be upper division course work.

The prerequisite core curriculum consists of classes in criminal justice, criminology, sociology, public administration, economics and statistics. Areas of concentration, approved thus far, are Law Enforcement and Security, Administrative/ Legal Services and Corrections.

Required Courses UT and University College Core Requirements: 39-41 hours The following courses illustrate specific requirements criminal justice majors must meet to fulfill the core requirements. (See the General Section of this catalog for additional courses in the core curriculum) ENGL 1100 Introductory Writing or ENGL 1110 College Composition I 3 ENGL 2950 Science and Technical Report Writing or ENGL 2960 Organizational Report Writing 3 MATH 1150 Intermediate Algebra or MATH 1180 Mathematics for Liberal Arts 3 MATH 2600 Introduction to Statistics 3 PSC 1200 American National Government 4 SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology 3 PSY 1010 Principles of Psychology 3 PHIL 1020 Critical Thinking 3 ECON 1200 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Humanities/Fine Arts * 3 Natural Science requirement * 6 Multicultural requirement * 6 *select courses to fulfill each of these requirements in consultation with an adviser Criminal Justice Program** Core Courses: 21 hours PSC 3420 Principles of Public Administration 3 PSC 4590 Admin of Criminal Justice 3 SOC 4710 Criminology or PSC 4720 Deviant Behavior 3 CMPT 1100 Computer Information Applications 3 TSOC 4100 Group Process or CHSE 4080 Essentials of Helping Relationships 3 SOC 4170 Law and Society or ECON 3080 Economics of Crime 3 RESM 4100 Educational Statistics or SOC 3290 Social Statistics or PSC 3110 Social Science Statistics 3 Law Enforcement & Corrections Courses: 33 hours Select 11 courses in consultation with an adviser. LENT 1010 Intro to Law Enforcement 3 LENT 1050 Human Relations 3 LENT 1210 Constitutional Law 3 LENT 1220 Criminal Code of Ohio 3 LENT 1240 Patrol Technology 3 LENT 2100 Special Problems/Law Enforcement 3 LENT 2110 Police Organization & Management. 3 LENT 2210 Criminal Investigation I 3 LENT 2220 Laws of Evidence 3 LENT 2940 Law Enforcement Internship 3 LENT 2990 Independent Study 3 CORT 1010 Criminal Justice 3 CORT 1050 Community-Based Corrections 3 CORT 1110 Penology 3 CORT 1180 Corrections Case Law and Standards 3 CORT 1250 Juvenile Justice 3 CORT 2150 Applied Psych & Criminology 3 CORT 2160 Offender Management & Supervision 3 CORT 2940 Corrections Internship 3 CORT 2990 Independent Study 3 Concentration Electives: 24 hours Electives to be selected in consultation with an adviser. General Electives: 5-7 hours Electives to be selected in consultation with an adviser. ** Note: The Criminal Justice program curriculum is undergoing revision. Other/additional courses may be offered. Please contact the Center for Criminal Justice at SeaGate Campus, University College, 401 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604, phone: (419) 321-5120, for additional information.
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