LAWD - Law

Basic 1st Year

LAWD - 9010, 9020  CIVIL PROCEDURE I (3-4 hours)(offered Fall d/n) and CIVIL PROCEDURE II (2-3 hours) (offered SP d/n)
The rules controlling the jurisdiction of courts and the management of civil litigation.  State and federal systems are covered.

[4 hours]  A study focusing on the Supreme Court�s interpretation of the nature and distribution of power within the federal government, the relationship between the federal government and the states in regulating commerce, and the meaning and scope of the due process and equal protection clauses of the fourteenth amendment. [SP d/n]

LAWD - 9210, 9220  CONTRACTS I (3 hours)[offered Fall d/n] and CONTRACTS II (3 hours)[offered SP d/n]
A survey of the law of contracts including the creation and termination of contract rights, reliance, capacity, unconscionability, conditions, assignments, third-party beneficiaries and the effect of changed circumstances or mistake.  Course includes the law relating to the sale of goods under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

[3 hours]  The purpose and effectiveness of the regulation of human conduct by the infliction or threat of infliction of criminal sanctions.  The definitional elements of certain crimes, principles of responsibility, rules of justification and accessorial liability are closely examined. [Fall d/n]

LAWD - 9410, 9420  PROPERTY I (4 hours) [offered  SP d/n] and PROPERTY II (2-3 hours) [offered Fall d/n]
Historical development of real estate transactions, landlord-tenant relationships, estates and interests in land, private agreements respecting the use of land and public controls upon property use.

LAWD - 9520, 9530  TORTS I (3 hours) [offered Fall d/n] and TORTS II (2 hours) [offered SP d/n]
An exploration of the bases of claims for intentional or negligent interference with persons or their property and the defenses to such claims.  Both traditional principles and modern concepts are studied.

LAWD - 9750, 9760  LEGAL RESEARCH, WRITING AND APPELLATE ADVOCACY I (3 hours) [offered Fall d/n] AND II (1 hour)[offered SP d/n]
An intensive study of research tools and techniques and their utilization in the preparation of a memorandum of law.  Researching and writing a brief and presenting an oral argument to an appellate court of faculty and students.  Instruction is through class meetings and individual conference.

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