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Center for Excellence in Autism


The Center for Excellence in Autism (CFEA) is a leading provider in the community providing services for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The CFEA’s main goal is to assess and evaluate clients for autism in order to provide opportunities to meet the dynamic needs of our clients across the lifespan. Our skilled team of professionals are trained to cater to the needs of our clients consisting of children, adolescents, and adults with ongoing treatment. Our staff works together on each individual case to provide evidence-based treatment options. The CFEA has an experienced staff with various professional backgrounds including psychology, social work, and licensed home based mental health therapist.

The CEFA provides services including comprehensive autism assessment and evaluation, individually tailored treatment plans, individual and family therapy, behavior therapy, skill building groups (social, self-advocacy, and psychoeducational), behavior management parent training, parent-child interaction therapy, Cognitive behavior therapy, trauma-focused Cognitive behavioral therapy, vocational and transitional services, and community based services.  The CFEA works closely with the local school systems, primary care, and medical specialists. Your comprehensive evaluation may include: cognitive testing, achievement testing, autism diagnostic observation schedule (ADOS-2), expressive and receptive language screening, adaptive behavioral functioning, home and school based observation, and parent, teacher, and self-questionnaire.


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Last Updated: 3/23/15