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Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council
Name My vision for the A.L.I.:
Jialin Chen We are international students. We need way to find problems and solve problems. The different culture influence us, so we need to find a way to communication, that's a good way for us.
Fatma Hamdan Female students are facing many problems in A.L.I. specificly to students who are in lower level they couldn’t approach their openion. So, I’m here to help you and help to improve the A.L.I. Just tell me everything you want.
Zainab AlSadah I think that if we all shared the main problems that all the students from the different countries are facing at the A.L.I., we WILL be able to figure out a solution.
For me, I think that we need to get involved more with the outside community so that we get a chance to practice the language with native speakers. I do BELIEVE that we can make it work if we all cooperate and commit to do the best we can do.
Mohammed AlMohazie My vision is to improve the level of institute by:
develop the capacity and skills of teachers.
add conversation classes with American people.
genevation free conversation clubs.
urged teachers not to give homework on the weekend.
organize a trip every weekend with university students.
reduce the number of students in class to 10 only.
increase time of grammar class.
Reduce of homework to allow free time for students to get out and meet with amrican people.
Qiang Gao The friendship between us who from different countries.
AbdulRazaq AlNassar Since I have been here in A.L.I. for almost 8 months I have been talking to the students about how they feel, how good are the books and the teachers. Most of the students are facing a lot of problems by communicating with their teachers and have a fear to talk to them. First most of them are bad or conversation with them and most are too shy to talk to them. I will incerage them to break that habit and be their voice.


Last Updated: 6/26/15