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The American Language Institute at the University of Toledo aims to provide you with a wonderful experience while improving your English language skills. Explore these pages to learn more about the institute and its friendly staff and students.

The American Language Institute provides these policies for your information. Please be aware that you will receive additional information regarding these policies during your orientation. Faculty and staff at the institute are always available for questions concerning these policies, so please do not hesitate to ask. We love to help.

A condensed version of the American Language Institute's policies are immediately below, and full PDF versions are available at the end.

American Language Institute Policies
All policies at the American Language Institute are posted at the institute’s website ( and are subject to change and/or modification. All students studying at the American Language Institute are required to follow all policies. Students must download and read the A.L.I. Student Handbook (English version). The handbook can be downloaded at

iPad Policy
The American Language Institute uses the iPad for Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking classes. All students must have an iPad with them for all class meetings. The A.L.I. places regular orders with Apple for iPads and students may purchase a discounted iPad with the secretary.
Students must set up an Apple ID and use the App Store to download the following required apps:
- iBooks (an eReader application; iPad link)
- iTunes U (the access portal for A.L.I. classes; iPad link)

Course Attendance Policy
All students are required to attend all courses and all sessions during their time at the institute.
If a student enters the classroom after the instructor, he or she is marked absent. Students must attend 85% of classes to be eligible for A.L.I. policies and continued study at the institute.

Medical or other Excuses
There are no excused absences for hospital visits, illness, airport pickups, TOEFL tests, or other situations that cause students to be absent from the institute. The A.L.I. follows the protocols concerning attendance established by the Department of Homeland Security for F1 and J1 students. Failure to fulfill the attendance requirements is also failure to meet the requirements of F and J visas. Students who do not meet these requirements are in violation of their status, placed on probation, and must apply for reinstatement.

Grading Policy
All students receive weekly progress reports generated in GradeBook Pro. Faculty may choose to email or print these reports.
Students must earn an average grade of C to be eligible for A.L.I. policies and continued study at the institute.

American Language Institute Grades - Explained:
Advancement based on a combination of attendance, grades, and Accuplacer scores
A (100%-90%): Excellent work indicative of full mastery of skills at the level (includes the grades of A and A-).
B (89%-80%): Good work indicative of average mastery of skills at the level (includes the grade of B+, B, and B-).
C (79%-73%): Satisfactory work indicative of below-average mastery of skills at the level (Includes the grades of C+ and C).
C- (72%-70%): Unsatisfactory work indicative of insufficient mastery of skills at the level. 
D (69%-60%): The student has not acquired sufficient skills for advancement. Failing Grade (no + or - awarded).
F (<60%): The student has not acquired sufficient skills for advancement. The students lacks motivation for study, shows poor attendance, and incomplete submission of homework. Failing Grade (no + or - awarded).

Academic Honesty Policy
Students are required to submit original work. Details on the policy can be found at the institute website. If a student plagiarizes or cheats on any assignment, the student receives a grade of F on the assignment. If a student plagiarizes or cheats on any assignment for a second time, the student receives a grade of F for the course and is dismissed from the institute. This includes all homework. Copying homework from a classmate is a violation of the A.L.I. Academic Honesty Policy.

Student Conduct Policy
Students at the institute must follow the Student Code of Conduct of The University of Toledo, including the Smoking Policy. The Student Code of Conduct may be viewed at

Grievance Policy
If a student has a problem with a fellow classmate or a faculty member, the student shall attempt to resolve the problem with the affected classmate or faculty member first. If no resolution can be achieved, the student may request a meeting with the institute director.

Smoking Policy

To download the Attendance Policy, please click here. (Updated on 3/11/13)
To download the Advanced Level Policy, please click here.
To download the Transition Policy, please click here.
To download the Academic Honesty Policy, please click here.

Last Updated: 6/26/15