Camp Adventure

Frequently Asked Question about Camp Adventure

sky diverDo I get to choose where I will be going?

Participants will be able to rank specific destinations to which they would like to travel. Usually, students are placed within their top five choices.

Do I need to be able to speak another language to participate?

There are no language requirements. We work mostly on U.S. military bases so all the children speak English. We also work in U.S. Embassies running camps that focus on English as a second language.

Do you have to be an Education major to participant?

Students from all areas of study are welcome in the Camp Adventure program, must enjoy working with children.   

Do you have to be a student at The University of Toledo?

Participation is not limited to UT students. Students from other universities/colleges are welcome! The only requirements are that students have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours and are 18 years of age before the departure date in June. Participants will be required to attend mandatory trainings on UT's campus. 

Do I get paid?

Participants will receive a living stipend of $25 a day, which will amount to around $1,700 depending on the length of your camp. Your housing and plane ticket will be paid for by Camp Adventure. You will receive your total stipend at the end of training.

If accepted, when would l leave and return from camp?

Most students depart roughly one month after classes end and return one or two weeks before school starts.  

How much will it cost to take part in this program?

As a Camp Adventure participant, you will only be paying for things that you personally need; you are not paying to take part in the program. The total cost will be between $1,000-$1,600. The price for each student will vary based upon the requirements that have already been fulfilled. For example, if you already have a passport you will not have to pay the 100 dollar fee or if you have health insurance, you will not have to pay the $495 fee. The payments will be spread out over the entire training period.  

What type of youth/child experience do I need?

Formal and group settings is desired, such as experience with a YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and other day care/camp experiences. Students should have 300 to 400 previous hours working with youth, however may still be considered if they have less.

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Last Updated: 10/30/17