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International Education Week:
International Photo Contest Winners

Photos captured overseas or domestic photos of international events were accepted. There was a category for students and a category for faculty and staff. 

Three UT students and three employees were recognized for their photographs submitted to the International Education Week Photo Contest.

 WINING PHOTOS:  International Education Week 2015

First Place:  Frances Keefe
College of Social Justice, Major: Higher Education
Expected Graduation Year: 2017
Location of Photo: Haiti  Date photo was Taken: March 5, 2013

Second Place:Jason Wanamaker
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics,
Major: Biology
Expected Graduation Year: 2017
Location of Photo: China  Date photo was taken: August 2015

Third Place:  Andrea Tsatalis
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics  Major: Biology
Expected year to graduate:  2017
Location of photo: Aegina, Greece  Date photo was taken: August 2015


First Place:  Peter Thomas
Location of Photo: Beijing, China  Date of Photo:July 2015


Second Place:  Julian Branch
Location of Photo: Thailand  Date of Photo: September 2013

 Western Samoa

Third PlaceBrad Gosche
Location of Photo: Falese’ela, Western Samoa  Date of Photo: April 2013

WINING PHOTOS:  International Education Week 2014

Masaya Volcano in Managua, Nicaragua

Elliott Free, a communication major, took the student first place award in the student
category for her photo of the Masaya Volcano in Managua, Nicaragua.

Eiffel Tower in Paris,

Ericka Bilby, who is pursuing a master of business administration degree, placed
second with her shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the student competition.

Mystras, Greece

Andrea Tsatalis, a biology major, took the studnet third place award with a
photo of Mystras, Greece.

Tulum, Mexico

Tamara Golkiewicz, secretary in the Geography and Planning Department and the
Political Science and Public Administration Department, won the faculty/staff first place
with a photo taken in Tulum, Mexico

Venice, Italy

Stephanie Goller, manager in the Office of Student Financial Aid, came in as the
faculty/staff second place winner with her shot that was taken in Venice, Italy

Eagles Nest, which was taken in Germany

Laurie Puszczewicz, a senior lecturer in Spanish, took  faculty/staff third place
with her photo, “Eagles Nest,” which was taken in Germany


WINING PHOTOS: International Education Week 2013

 Winning photos were also highlighted in the UT News on page five of the December 2, 2013 issue.

Toledo, Spain









Lydia Kane, a senior majoring in film and video production, took first place in
the student category for her shot of Toledo, Spain.

Frances Bradford, a sophomore majoring in communication,
placed second with her shot from Haiti.

Olympia, Greece
Andrea Tsatalis, a freshman studying biology, took third place
with her shot of Olympia, Greece.


 International Engineering student
In the faculty and staff category, Elaine Coopshaw, secretary 2 in the College of
Engineering Graduate Studies and Research Administration Office, won first place
with her photo of Anu Mutyala, an electrical engineering and computer science student,
who she calls “Little Bird.”  “I have so enjoyed being her friend as she learns to fly,”
Coopshaw said. “This photo was taken at my home in the sticks of rural Wauseon
around Thanksgiving last year.”

Daniel Klett, university architect in Facilities Planning,
took second place with his shot of Amsterdam.





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