College of Communication and the Arts

Auditioning for the UT Department of Music

UT Department of Music Audition Dates:

Saturday, December 6, 2014
Saturday, February 14, 2015
Saturday, February 28, 2015
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Audition Requirements
To sign up for an audition click here 

On the above dates special related activities are scheduled throughout the day, in addition to your assigned audition time. A schedule of events will be sent to you.

Purpose: The audition process helps us place you on the right path for success. It helps determine ensemble placement, allows you to opt of required courses when your skill level has surpassed them, and may make you eligible for certain scholarships.

To Audition:


Instrumentalists do not need an accompanist.  Vocalists - You may: a) bring your own accompanist, b) use a UT accompanist (voice auditions only), or c) perform with a pre-recorded tape that you provide. If you use a UT accompanist, you must mail or fax a copy of your audition selections to Dr. Michael Boyd, Auditions Chair, 2 weeks prior to your audition.

Planning a Successful Audition

Prepare your music carefully with the assistance of your private teacher, choral or band director. Perform your pieces often for family and friends. You want to feel confident, even in a pressure situation.

Review information you have received about UT and the music programs that we offer. Be prepared to ask questions. Please check the degrees page of the Department of Music web site at: 

The night before your audition - get plenty of rest so that you are at your peak of physical energy and concentration. Be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids to give your body the strength it needs to perform.

The day of your audition - Be sure to arrive on campus in plenty of time for your theory placement test and audition. You will need to find the Center for Performing Arts building, get settled, warm up, and in some cases, meet with an accompanist.  Take your time warming up and follow your regular routine. Review the words to your songs, fingerings, bowings, etc. Remember, you have spent many hours preparing this music. You are ready!

At your audition - Introduce yourself and your selections with energy and enthusiasm. Check tempos with accompanist before you begin. You have worked hard for this moment — break a leg!

Last Updated: 3/23/15