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Jazz Ensembles at The University of Toledo

UT JAZZ Contacts:

Norm Damschroder 419.530.2966

Gunnar Mossblad 419.530.4555

UT Summer Jazz Institute

UT Chamber Ensemble - Jazz Combo - MUS 3050:137
Gunnar Mossblad, director
This ensemble plays in the Toledo area at off-campus locations such as Crystal's Lounge at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center
Rehearsal times: TBA

UT Jazz Ensemble - MUS 3020:001, MUS 5020:001
Gunnar Mossblad, director
The University of Toledo Jazz Ensemble has been swinging since it's inception in the old barracks behind University Hall in 1970. Since then, many of Toledo's jazz luminaries have passed through the ranks of the organization, and several others have served as director. UTJE alumni perform professionally all around the world, and the band continues to be very popular, playing to full houses at their fall and spring semester concerts.

Come and audition! Auditions for the the UT Jazz Ensemble are open to all students, regardless of major. Auditions take place during the first week of classes each semester, and members can earn one credit hour. Better yet, the credit hour is FREE if you are enrolled as a full time student!
Rehearsal times: MW 2-4 p.m.

UT Jazz Lab Band - MUS 3020:002, MUS 5020:002
Norm Damschroder, director
Personnel for the ensemble is selected by the directors during the first few open rehearsals of each semester. The Jazz Lab Band plays a variety of literature including standards, current pieces, and student compositions. The ensemble performs regularly and is open to any UT student regardless of major. 
Rehearsal times are:  MW 4-5:30  p.m. (PA 2024)

UT Jazz Vocalstra MUS 3150:001, MUS 5150:001
Tad Weed, director
Jon Hendricks' Vocalstra at The University of Toledo, a vocalese performance ensemble, is made up of a wide variety of people, ranging from first year undergraduate students to seasoned professionals from the local music community.
Rehearsal times: TR 5-7 p.m.

UT Latin Jazz Ensemble - MUS 3050:138, MUS 5050:138
Contact: Olman Piedra
The UT Latin Jazz Ensemble is a jazz chamber ensemble dedicated to the performance of music from Cuba and Brazil. The primary goal of the ensemble is to assist students’ understanding of basic percussion rhythms, piano montunos, bass tumbaos, horn lines and how they all fit together in an ensemble setting. The primary musical focus of the ensemble is on Cuban rhythms and Afro-Cuban jazz, though understanding the basics of Brazilian rhythms are also discussed. The ensemble’s instrumentation is typically drumset, congas, timbales, piano, guitar, bass, anywhere from 1-5 horn players and sometimes a vocalist. The ensemble performs 1 concert per semester along with numerous off-campus performances at local jazz venues or events. The ensemble is open to any student with a previous background in music by audition only.  
Rehearsal times: M 4-6 p.m.

UT Percussion Ensemble - MUS 3050:081, MUS 5050:081
Contact: Olman Piedra
The UT Percussion Ensemble is a chamber ensemble dedicated to the performance of works featuring percussion instruments exclusively or sometimes in combination with other instrumentalists. From classic composers like Cage, Harrison, Xenakis, Varese and others to modern-day works from composers like Reich, Gillingham, Rouse, Tower, Benson, and Masklanka, to transcriptions and arrangements of works by J.S. Bach and other baroque/classical composers the ensemble is dedicated to offering percussionists a broad survey of music from the seminal literature for percussion ensemble to contemporary pop, jazz, and world music offerings. The ensemble is usually comprised of 8 -10 students and is often broken into smaller groups (2-4 players each) to focus on smaller chamber repertoire in addition to performing larger ensembles as a group, collectively. The ensemble is only open to percussion majors. Non-majors may only participate in percussion ensemble with the permission of the instructor and by audition. The UT percussion ensemble usually gives 1 concert per semester.
Rehearsal times:  MWF 1-2 p.m.

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