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Percussion Ensemble & Past Repertoire

The University of Toledo Percussion Ensemble is very active and is one of many quality chamber music offerings in the UT Department of Music. The ensemble is directed by Dr. Olman E. Piedra and rehearses MWF from 1-1:50pm. The ensemble usually gives two concerts annually.

The ensemble is open to all percussion majors as well as selected non-majors, with the instructor’s approval. The percussion ensemble strives to expose students to the widest variety of repertoire and performance environments--from the historic, seminal works for percussion ensemble to contemporary jazz/world music arrangements--in both conducted and chamber music settings. This "total percussion experience" helps form the foundation for a diverse and broad-based percussion vocabulary--one that is necessary in today’s 21st century music scene as either a jazz or symphonic player.

When programming repertoire, every effort is made to coordinate each student’s ensemble experience with his or her private lesson experience in an attempt to align specific individual performance opportunities in percussion ensemble with specific percussive goals each semester, thus reinforcing these musical concepts at a much deeper level. 

Past Repertoire

Dill Pickles
– Charles Johnson (Arr. Bob Becker)
Ragtime Robin – G.H Green (Arr. Bob Becker)
Triplets – G.H Green (Arr. Bob Becker)
Toccata – Carlos Chavez
Flight of the Bumblebee – N. Rimsky Korsakov (Arr. Jonathan Ovalle)
Boom – Terry Longshore
Echoes – David Skidmore
Ritual Music – David Skidmore

- Thom Hasenpflug
Partita no 1 - J.S. Bach
Three Play - Karen Ervin
Marimba Music - Ekhard Kopetski
Trio for Percussion  - Warren Benson
Valse Brillante - G.H. Green
Four Studies - Mario Gaetano
Concerto for Marimba - Ney Rosaro
Omphalo Centric Lecture - Nigel Westlake
Square Corners - Dave Samuels
Three Sketches for Percussion - Jay Kennedy
Suite for Solo Drumset and Percussion Ensemble – Dave Mancini

Bonham - Christopher Rouse
Head Talk - Mark Ford
Shadowplays - Kevin Beavers
Caprice Diabolique - Jared Spears
Dreamscape - Jonathan Ovalle
Common Bonds - Jonathan Ovalle
Gainsborough - Thomas Gauger 
Puzzle Piece - Rich O’Meara
The Sharpened Stick - Brett William Dietz
Trio - Daniel Levitan

- Mattias Schmitt (Arr. Zak O’Day and Jon Floering)
Layers - Lynn Glassock
Axis - Charles B. Griffin
Hands Up - Josh Gottry
Skybound - Nils Gerhard
DNA - Joan Tower
Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Fransisco Tarrega (Arr. Steven Mathiesen)
Ogoun Badagris - Christopher Rouse
Overture for Percussion Ensemble - John Beck
Trio per Uno - Nebosja Jovan Zivkovic
Xylophonia - G.H. Green
Processional - Stanley Leonard

Last Updated: 3/23/15