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MSW Application Process: 

Information Sessions will be held for those interested in applying for admission for either Summer or Fall 2014.  Dates and times are as follows:

  • Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 10:30 - 12:00 noon
  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM
  • Saturday, January 10, 2015 from 10:30 - 12:00 noon

All information sessions will be held in the Health and Human Services Building in Room 1711.


February 2, 2015 - Both the Advanced Standing & Foundation Program Applications

February 16, 2015 - All Application Materials MUST be received

*Your application will not be reviewed until all materials are in*

Please forward your entire application packet to:

The University of Toledo
College of Graduate Studies
2801 W. Bancroft St. Mail Stop # 933
Toledo, OH 43606

Please be sure to read the entire admissions packet, as it provides important details and deadlines regarding the program and the admissions process. This packet contains the following items:

  • Application to UT’s College of Graduate Studies
  • Application to the MSW Program
  • Personal Statement 
  • Recommendations:  Three MSW Program Applicant Recommendations forms with attached letters
  • MSW Program Field Application (for those applying for full-time status)
  • Graduate Assistant Application (if interested in this)

If you have any questions, we invite you to explore the website or please feel free to contact:

Dr. Michael Prior, MSW Program Director 
419-530-4397 at  

A complete MSW application packet will include:

  • A completed application to The University of Toledo College of Graduate Studies (details are provided below). 

  • A completed MSW program application (details are provided below).

  • Your personal statement (details are provided below).

  • Three MSW Applicant Recommendation Forms (do not use the College of Graduate Studies forms). The MSW Applicant Recommendation forms are to be completed by references selected by the applicant who meet the program’s guidelines for references, which are detailed below.

  • Completed Application for Field Placement MSW Field Application
  • One official transcript from each institution attended (details are provided below).

  • GRE test scores (required) if the applicant has a GPA below 2.70. *Applies to Foundation Program applicants only.

  • For students who wish to transfer into UT’s MSW program from another MSW program and who have completed MSW field hours: a copy of their MSW field evaluation.  This evaluation must be sent to the Department of Social Work (MSW Committee Chair, 2801 W. Bancroft St., MS 119, Toledo, Ohio 43606) by the MSW program from which the student is transferring.

  • International applicants: $45 (U.S. dollars) non-refundable application fee.  Application fees must be filed online at the College of Graduate Studies, along with the Graduate School Application.

    • International applicants must submit GRE test scores. 

    • International, non-English speaking applicants who have not received their undergraduate degrees in the U.S. must submit a TOEFL score of 213 if taken by computer and 550 if taken by pencil and paper, before being admitted to the College of Graduate Studies and social work program.  An official copy of your test scores must be sent to the College of Graduate Studies.

    • International applicants must provide an original bank statement of financial support in English.
College of Graduate Studies Application 

Visit the College of Graduate Studies webpage and click on the Apply Now icon.  Follow all of the prompts and be sure to complete all required information.  If more space is needed to describe your work experience, please include an additional sheet following the same format as the application form. 

Graduate Assistant Application  Click here to fill out GA Application

The admitting departments assign graduate assistantships. Applications for consideration as a graduate assistant may be made by completing the assistantship application which should be submitted simultaneously with the Graduate Application above. Assignments are made as soon as we know availability for the upcoming Fall term.

MSW Program Application   Click here for MSW Program Application

Be sure to complete all sections of the form and sign it. If more space is needed to describe your volunteer experience, please include an additional sheet following the same format as the application form.

Please note that you are asked to indicate your first and second preference of concentrations: mental health and child and family practice. Your ranking of these concentrations does not guarantee that you will be admitted to your first choice.  

MSW Applicant Recommendation Form  Click here for MSW Applicant Recommendation Form

Submit three supporting recommendations, each in a sealed envelope signed by the recommender.  

  • One evaluation must be completed by a person who has been directly responsible for assessing your human service-related work or volunteer experience.  If you have no human service-related work or volunteer experience, the recommender must be able to assess other work and/or volunteer experience you have had.
  • One evaluation must be completed by a person who can assess your academic performance.  If you completed your last academic coursework more than eight (8) years ago, you may substitute a second human service-related work or volunteer performance recommendation. 
  • The third recommendation form may be completed by someone who can assess either your academic or work/volunteer performance.
  • Each recommender must complete the recommendation form and attach a letter of recommendation.

Personal Statement 

Provide a double-spaced four-five (4-5) page statement (12 pt. font) that addresses the following topics:

  • Factors that influenced your decision to become a social worker and pursue an advanced degree.  How will this degree help you achieve your professional goals?
  • (Briefly) A pressing social and economic justice issue, what makes this issue particularly salient, and ways you might address it as a masters-level social worker.
  • Your experience in the area of social and economic justice and any of your goals in this area beyond those addressed in the first part of this question.
  • Accomplishments you believe are relevant, including ways in which you have demonstrated leadership in arenas such as employment, volunteerism, Peace Corps, Americorps/VISTA, and military service

Official Transcripts 

One official academic transcript is required from each college/university you have attended, including those at which you were enrolled for academic credit as a non-degree student and/or credits which you transferred to another college. All transcripts must bear the official seal and signature of the institution attended and must be sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies. Be aware that a request for transcripts may take a few weeks. It is your responsibility to make sure that the required transcripts reach the College of Graduate Studies in a timely manner.



The College of Graduate Studies
2801 W. Bancroft St. Mail Stop # 933
Toledo, OH 43606

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