Human Resources Information Services

Banner ePAF FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Banner ePAF?
    • This is an Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) that is used instead of paper forms to process employee actions. These include an electronic approval process and then flow into the employee's record in Banner.
  • What employee types can be processed through a Banner ePAF?
    • At this time, all student employees can be processed through a Banner ePAF,
  • What do I do if I receive a warning in an ePAF?
    • You should read the warning message to see if it has information that pertains to your situation; however, most of these warnings can be ignored. Your ePAF will submit successfully regardless of the warning messages you receive.
  • What do I do if I receive an error in an ePAF?
    • Please contact HRIS at with the message(s) you are receiving. We will assist with resolving the error and will be gathering the information to create a guide for all users in the future.


Last Updated: 2/28/18