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ROCKETS Recognition


The purpose of the Rockets Recognition program is to recognize high-performing staff whose actions or activities show commitment to the ROCKETS Principles and, because of these actions or activities, positively impacted a member of the University community or was in furtherance of the UT Mission.

The Rockets Recognition program will run from September to April (skipping December) as we spell out ROCKETS. The annual recognition celebration will take place in May.

All Finance and Administration Division Staff are eligible to be recognized.


Respect- September- We are treating all individuals and groups equitably as we demonstrate high standards of behavior, communication and interactions with others. We also respect ourselves by ensuring that our performance delivers value, is reliable and of high quality.

Ownership- October- We are providing excellence and work with a sense of urgency in the delivery of our services and in owning our errors, as well as correcting any lapses.

Commitment- November- We are making and meeting commitments by doing what is right for the success of the University’s mission and communicating well with those we serve. We define success in this endeavor by doing the right things and doing them well.

Knowledgeable- January- We are committing to lifelong learning, which is essential to be the content providers and thought leaders in our areas of expertise. As part of our commitment, we cultivate and maintain talent from within by providing training and development opportunities.

Ethical- February- We are demonstrating personal integrity, honesty and ethical behavior, which are integral to our success.

Trusting- March- We are creating and fostering an atmosphere of transparency, as well as offering and expecting trust with those we serve and each other.

Service Focused- April- We are addressing the needs of those we serve with high-quality performance, strong communication, and proactive, flexible solutions.

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Last Updated: 6/30/19