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Associate Provost 

Barbara Kopp Miller, Ph.D.
Dean, University College


Justin Ballard, M.B.A.
Director of Learning and Academic Technology and
Instructional Design and Development

Lansing Stoll III, B.S.
Director Faculty Services and Help Desk


Rachel Barnes, M.Ed.
Instructional Designer and Coordinator for Quality Assurance

Adam Berger, B.S.
Systems Administrator

Deborah Czechowski, M.L.S.
Web Developer & Help Desk 

Kathy Czechowski, B.A.
Help Desk Coordinator

Tyna Derhay
Executive Secretary

Michael Douglas, M.F.A.
Instructional Designer

Melissa Gleckler, M.L.S.
Educational Technologist

Tim Godfrey, B.S.
Systems Administrator - Unix/Linux

Denis Logan, B.B.A., A.A.S.
Network Architect

Robert Nix, M.F.A., B.A.
Multimedia Designer

Jeff Perry, M.B.A., B.B.A.
Systems Administrator

Clayton Riddel, M.B.A.
Technical Assistant (Help Desk)

Shagufta Sami, M.S., B.E.
Educational Technologist

Abha Sinha, M.Sc.
Technical Assistant (Help Desk)

Lei Song, Ph.D.
Assistive Technology Specialist and Instructional Designer

Maureen Strall, R.N., A.S.
Student Services and
Proctored Exams Coordinator

Sylvia Suh, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer

Tony Walters, M.Ed.
Educational Technologist

Shujuan Wang, M.S.
Graduate Assistant

Mingli Xiao, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Development

Last Updated: 10/17/17