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Quality Matters Peer Reviewers

Quality Matters is a faculty-driven, peer review process used to ensure the quality of online and blended course design. The three primary components of the Quality Matters program are: the QM rubric, the QM peer review process, and QM professional development opportunities.

QM reviews are conducted in alignment with institutional goals. There are three types of QM reviews: self review, where one reviews one’s own course; informal review, an unofficial course review managed by UT; and, official review, where courses are recognized by QM upon meeting QM course review standards.

In official reviews, each review team consists of three certified QM peer reviewers. The team includes a team chair, a subject matter expert, and an external reviewer. The team decides whether to send the course to QM for certification based on the determination that evidence provided by the course developer submitting the course meets QM standards.  If revisions are necessary, the team provides constructive, specific, balanced, sensitive, and measurable recommendations for course developers to adopt in the revision of their courses.

As of August 2016, 25 faculty and staff have completed the Peer Reviewer Course; 19 have completed their role applications to become QM Certified Peer Reviewers. Throughout the year, UT Online awards professional development grants to cover the $200 course registration fee so that experienced online instructors can obtain Peer Reviewer Certification. Upon certification, the Peer Reviewer can serve on official QM review teams. If you are interested in becoming a QM Certified Peer Reviewer, please contact Rachel Bares, Instructional Design and Coordinator for Quality Assurance, at Rachel.Barnes@utoledo.edu

Watch the video below to learn more about the Peer Reviewer experience from UT faculty who currently serve as Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewers. 


Reviewer Name College /Unit
Phoebe Ballard* College of Arts and Letters (Part-time)
Rachel Barnes* UT Online
Melissa Gleckler UT Online
Beth Ann Hatkevich  College of Health and Human Services
Jill Humphries* College of Arts and Letters
Marie Janes College of Health and Human Services
Barbara Kopp Miller University College
Ruthie Kucharewski* College of Health and Human Services
Alana Malik University Teaching Center
Barbara Mauter* University College 
Kate Michaelson* College of Arts and Letters
Holly Monsos* College of Arts and Letters
Jennifer Perion College of Health and Human Services
Colleen Quinlan College of Nursing
Barbara Saltzman College of Health and Human Services
Rebecca Schneider Judith Herb College of Education
Jessica Sloan Kruger College of Health and Human Services
Claire Stuve* University College
Sylvia Suh UT Online
Mingli Xiao* UT Online
Peter You College of Business and Innovation (Adjunct)

*Master Reviewers who are eligible to serve as a team chair on an official review team. 

Last Updated: 2/22/18