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The University of Toledo's Learning Ventures department operates as a centralized entity to coordinate and facilitate all online courses, online degree programs and blended courses. We collaborate with all university departments to offer the colleges’ courses online. Our administrative premise is adherence to quality course offerings and quality student services. We provides the coordination of student services for all online students as well as comprehensive technical training and support for faculty in the development of online courses.

The University of Toledo faculty interested in teaching an online course should first contact their department chair and Lansing Stoll, III.

eMail: lance.stoll@utoledo.edu
Phone: 419.530.4082
Fax: 419.530.8836

The University of Toledo Definitions for DL (Online) and BL Courses

Distance learning (DL) course: in an online course the student and instructor are separated by distance and connected via technology (Web, CD-ROM, ISDN lines, IP Video) for at least 70% of the course content and course interaction.

Blended (BL) course: a course is taught with both F2F components and online activities that utilize the best of both approaches to enhance student learning.  Seat time must be reduced so that online pedagogy can be seamlessly integrated into blended courses. To make full use of classrooms especially those mediated classrooms (such as echo rooms); the University of Toledo defines blended courses as courses with at least 50% reduction of seat time and 50% of its contents and activities being conducted outside the classroom.

Last Updated: 6/9/16