Center for Education in Mass Violence and Suicide


Lisa Pescara-Kovach, Ph.D. - Center Director, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology Researcher, Content Specialist and Trainer in School, Campus, and Workplace Violence & Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Response, Postvention

Greg Crane – Creator of A.L.I.C.E. & President of ALICE Training Institute Active Response Specialist.  Content Specialist in Sociological Factors in the Causes and Prevention of Violence

Paul Rega, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. - Department of Public Heath and Preventive Medicine, The Univeristy of Toledo Emergency Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Pre-Hospital Medicine, Medical Education, Simulation Medicine.

Mia Ray Langheim - Creator and Manager of the State of Illinois' School Safety Information Sharing Program

Officer Sara Shaw – School Resource Officer, Oregon City Schools.  C.I.T. Certified and ALICE Trained Law Enforcement Officer

Detective Janet Zale - Detective, City of Oregon Police Department.  Cyber Investigator


Data Strategists

David R. Kovach, Ph.D. – Insights and Analytics, Maritz CX

The University of Toledo Content Specialists 

Brian Fink, PhD, MPH, CHES -  Professor of Public Health
Content specialist in simulation training for healthcare and public health students and professionals regarding disaster and pandemic preparedness, including active shooter scenarios.

Ed Janak, Ph.D. - Department Chair, Educational Foundations and Leadership
Content Specialist in the Role of Media in Promoting and Preventing Violence

Rodney Theis - Deputy Chief of Police, The University of Toledo
Content Specialist in Campus Safety Prevention and Intervention

National experts of the university of Toledo mass violence Collaborative

Amy Thompson - Professor of Public Health, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Brian Van Brunt - Senior Vice President for Professional Development Programs, National Center For Higher Education Risk Management

Chuck Brunicardi - Professor, Chairman of Surgery

Kate Delaney – Assistant Professor of Early Childhood, Higher Education and Special Education

Kasey Tucker-Gail - Associate Professor Director, Center for Student Advocacy & Wellness, School of Social Justice

Lisa Pescara-Kovach – Associate Professor, Center Director of Educational Psychology, Center for Education in Targeted Violence and Suicide

Martha Sexton – Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Nursing: Adult, Family, and Population Health

Michele Knox – Practicing of Psychiatry (Child and Adolescent)

Paul Rega, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. - Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, The University of Toledo
Emergency Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Pre-Hospital Medicine, Medical Education, Simulation Medicine.

Sely-Ann Headley - Health Education Doctoral Student, The University of Toledo

Stephen Markowiak – Research Fellow of General Surgery

Vicki Dagostino-Kalniz – Associate Lecturer of Educational Psychology

Yanqing Xu – Assistant Professor of Geography and Planning

Support Staff

Justin Moore – Student, College of Criminal Justice, The University of Toledo

Last Updated: 8/1/19