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Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership
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Dr. Edward Janak
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TSOC 3000 Core Assignment

Each TSOC 3000 section will involve a “core assignment” developed by the instructor in order to provide students with a chance to apply course concepts to real life.  This assignment will be worth 15-25% of the semester grade. 

The core assignment puts students into the field, defined as a school or societal setting outside the TSOC 3000 classroom, conducting participatory action research in a variety of ways.  All core assignment variations provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical constructs and scholarly concepts to real life situations.  In this way, the core assignment is an exercise in “praxis”: applying theoretical constructs to practice.   

Specifically, TSOC 3000 students will apply a social foundations perspective to teaching.  This involves taking a critical, theoretical stance and critiquing situations through historical, philosophical, sociological, and/or anthropological lenses 

TSOC 3000 instructors exercise freedom in making professional decisions about the particulars of the Critical Performance assignment within the following parameters: 

· The unit of analysis shall be the school and its relationship to society (this could be, for example, school experiences and their relationship to learning about participation in democratic society, or it could be an aspect of the school curriculum and its relationship to larger social issues, etc.);

· The exercise(s) will involve students in collecting data (e.g., observational with field notes, interviews, and/or textual collection of news stories, websites, or other documents, etc.);

· The exercise will require students to analyze their data through foundational lenses as described above;

· The exercise will culminate in a formal written or oral presentation of learning.


Example Core Assignment: Participating In Voluntary Associations to Experience Participatory Democracy


Last Updated: 6/9/16