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Reading Endorsement FAQs

The faculty at the University of Toledo, Judith Herb College of Education is delighted to offer an online Ohio Reading Endorsement program.  Answers to frequently asked questions about the program are provided below.

What are the prerequisites for beginning the program?

The prerequisites are having an Ohio Teaching License and evidence of having already taken at least 12-hours of literacy-related coursework, including a 3-credit class focused on phonics  (9-hours for secondary and career-tech license holders).  Unofficial transcripts from previous post-secondary coursework can be used to show that this aspect of the prerequisites has been met.  Candidates who received their initial teaching license in Ohio during the  last 7 years are almost certain to have met this prerequisite.  For teachers who received their initial teaching license before that time, unfortunately, years of experience cannot be used to meet this coursework prerequisite.

What if I’m only missing a phonics class, can I start the program?

Yes.  If the only prerequisite class you are missing is a course devoted to the study of phonics and phonics instruction, you can begin the other reading endorsement coursework and take a phonics class while you are working on the other coursework.  The University of Toledo has an online phonics course offered in the spring semester (which begins in January) and the summer semester (registration opens in April.)

What are the courses that constitute the program?

One of the courses is the phonics class, whether you have taken it as an undergraduate or while completing the reading endorsement coursework.  There are then 4 additional classes required.  These are listed below:

Online Graduate Offerings to Meet Ohio Certification Requirements

Course Number

Title, Credit Hours, Prerequisites

CI 6400/8400*

 Trends in Literacy Acquisition - 3 hours

CI 6430/8430

 Diagnosis of Reading Disability - 3 hours (Prerequisite/Corequisite* CI 6400)

CI 6410/8410

 Content Area Literacy - Elementary and Secondary - 3 hours (Prerequisite CI 6400)

CI 6440/8440

 Remediation Practicum (includes clinical practice) - 3 hours (Prerequisite CI 6400, 6430)

*Courses at the 8000 level are for people who are pursuing a Educational Specialist or Doctoral Degree.

How quickly can I complete the coursework required toward earning my reading endorsement?

It is possible to complete the 4 classes listed above in 2 semesters by taking two classes each semester.  In that case, a candidate should take CI 6400, Trends in Literacy Acquisition and CI 6430, Diagnosis of Reading Disability in one semester and CI 6410, Content Area Reading and CI 6440, Remediation Practicum in the subsequent semester.

Of course, it is also fine to take just one class at a time, or some other configuration as long as a candidate takes CI 6400 first and is sure to take CI 6430 before taking CI 6440. 

How does the fieldwork component of the program work?

The State of Ohio requires that Ohio Reading Endorsement coursework include 100 hours of fieldwork. In the University of Toledo’s program these hours are embedded across the coursework.  There are 10 hours in CI 6/8400, Trends in Literacy Acquisition; 20 hours in CI 6/8430 Diagnosis of Reading Disability; 10 hours in CI 6/8410 Content Area Literacy and 60 hours in CI 6/8440 Remediation Practicum.  The hours in CI 6/8400 and CI 6/8410 involve a variety of fieldwork that can be done via online resources.  However, the fieldwork in the Diagnosis and Remediation classes necessitates working with learners.  In the case of the Diagnosis class, course participants need to identify and work with 2 youngsters in two different age ranges who struggle with print literacy.  The final Practicum course involves working with 3 learners for approximately 18 hours each.  Participants in the program are responsible for finding learners with whom to work.  An additional component of the Practicum class (6 hours of fieldwork) involves designing and enacting a professional development session that has been based on the tutoring work.

How much does it cost?

Reading Endorsement classes are offered at the graduate level, so graduate level tuition rates apply.  Information about current tuition rates is available at:  At this time, the per-credit hour tuition rate is $524.79.  With fees, this means each 3-credit-hour class is about $1900.

For what kind of graduate student status should I apply?

The Ohio Reading Endorsement is a graduate level program, and to take courses you must have “graduate student status.”  There are two types of graduate student status you can apply for – “degree,” or “non-degree.”  Which kind of status you apply for depends on many factors.

To apply for “degree” status, you must meet the requirements of becoming a degree candidate in, usually, either the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction or, for those who already have a masters degree, the Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction programs.  To apply, you will need official transcripts from your past post-secondary coursework and 3 letters of recommendation.  There is a $45 application fee.

If you are only interested in completing the endorsement coursework, you may want to apply for graduate “non-degree” status.  Official transcripts are still required, but no letters of recommendation are needed.  The application fee is still $45.  One thing to note is that federal financial aid is not available for students with non-degree status.

Where do I go to apply?

To apply for graduate student status, please go to:

There is an application fee of $45 and candidates will need to send official (sealed) transcripts from your previous coursework to the Graduate School.

The University of Toledo
Graduate Office/Transcripts
2801 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH  43606 

For Graduate Non-Degree status, what “application type” should I choose as I am filling out the online application?

Unless you are interested in beginning a Masters or Educational Specialist degree, when you apply, please choose the "Application Type" that is called "Graduate Non Degree." Then fill in your name and the term you are planning on attending (e.g., Fall 2013).

If you apply to be a "graduate non degree" student, when you get to the section that asks for the "Program of Study," choose: "Non Degree-Undecided Education."

What kind of financial aid is available?

For students enrolling in a degree program, all the usual types of financial aid are available, including federal financial aid.  Please visit the Financial Aid Office’s website at:

All questions regarding financial aid are handled by Rocket Solution Central Office (RSC) located in Rocket Hall Room 1200 and may be reached at 419.530.8700.

For students enrolling in classes with non-degree status, federal financial aid is not available. Other kinds of private loans are obtainable, but unless a student is enrolled in a degree program such as a masters or educational specialist degree program, that student is not eligible for federal financial aid. 

To explore "alternative" loan types go to:

On the left-hand side, you'll see a "financial aid menu."  Click on "Loans."
Scroll down and there is a link for "Alternative Loans."  Click on that and you'll reach a page about "Alternative Loan Options."From that page, you can find out about local bank rates and such by clicking on "FAST Choice Alternative Loans."  After a couple of pages of information on the "FAST choice" website, you'll get to a listing of information about banks and their interest rates and so on.

What happens after I apply?

Once your application has been processed (and this may take a couple of business days), you should be notified and sent information including your "UTAD" ID and instructions about setting a password.  With a UTAD ID, UT email address, and a password, you should be able to use the online registration system.

How do I register for classes?

Here is a website link to a page with information for students about registering for classes:

It is key to have a UTAD ID and password so that you can use the "MY UT," portal:

The 5-digit course record numbers, or "CRN" numbers can be helpful to have to find your classes in the registration system.  Unfortunately, these are not always the same from semester to semester.  To find the CRN for the courses you want, you can use the “dynamic schedule” engine for finding classes offered during particular semesters.  It can be found at:

Choose the term, and then scroll down the dialogue box with names of programs and departments to choose “Curriculum and Instruction.”  Then search for the course number you need, such as 6400, 6430, 6410 or 6440.  You will get a results page that lists each section of the course.  You’ll see the title of the course, followed by the 5-digit CRN and then the course number and section number.  For example, in the following listing, the CRN for this particular course is 45421, the course number is CI 6400, section 901.  “Trends In Literacy Acquisition - 45421 - CI 6400 – 901”

To enroll in some courses, you may need permission, or an “override” from the instructor.  As long as there are seats available in the course, all you need to do is contact the instructor by email and she or he will issue the necessary overrides that will allow you to register.  In the case of Reading Endorsement classes, candidates will need overrides to register for CI 6430, Diagnosis of Reading Disability and CI 6440 Remediation Practicum.  You can find the name of instructor for a course (as well as a link to email them), via the listing for that course in the Dynamic Schedule:

What test(s) do I need to take?

In addition to coursework, there is a State of Ohio mandated culminating exam.  Until August 31, 2013, that exam was the Praxis II, test #204, Teaching Reading.  Candidates who have taken that exam on or before Aug. 31, 2013 with a passing score of 179 or higher, can apply for their reading endorsement after completing the required coursework.

Effective September 1st, 2013, the reading tests are Pearson's Reading subtest I/038 and Reading subtest II/039.  Both passing scores are 220.   There is more information about all Ohio Assessments for Educators via:

A website with specific information about the reading subtests can be found at:

Upon completion of coursework and passing the exams, candidates submit an application to the State to receive the endorsement.  Be sure to have your exam results sent to UT as well as the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) so that our “e-signer” will receive notification of your results and verify to ODE that you have completed all the requirements for the endorsement.

For further information, or to have transcripts reviewed to determine if prerequisites are fulfilled, please contact:

Judith Herb College of Education
MS 924
Dr. Susanna Hapgood
Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
Phone: 419-530-2139
FAX: 419-530-2466
Email: (email preferred)

Online Learning
Student Services Staff
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866-UTOLEDO toll free
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