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Department Secretary:
Ruth Ann Easterwood
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Department Chair:

Dr. Edward Janak
Gillham Hall Room 5000C
(419) 530-4114

Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology (Ph.D.)


Program Overview: 61 Credit Hours

  • Major: Educational Psychology (24 credit hours);
  • Research Tools (12 credit hours);
  • Foundational Core (6 credit hours);
  • Minor: Elected Area (9 credit hours); and
  • Dissertation (10 credit hours).

Specific Program Requirements and Courses

Psychological Foundations (6 credit hours = 2 courses)

  • EDP 7110: Basic Educational Psychology >>Pre-Requisite for all EDP Courses<<
  • EDP 7230: Adult Development
  • EDP 7310: Issues and Innovations in Learning And Instruction
  • EDP 7320: Instructional Psychology
  • EDP 7330: Behavior Management
  • Keep TSOC courses for a potential minor in TSOC: TSOC 7100, TSOC 7110; TSOC 7200; TSOC 7210; TSOC 7230; TSOC 7300; TSOC7400; TSOC8120; TSOC 8140; TSOC8240; TSOC8320?

Research Tool Courses (12 credit hours = 4 courses)

  • RESM8120 Quantitative methods II >>Required<<
  • RESM8320 Research Design >>Required<<
  • RESM 7310: Educational Research
  • RESM 7330: Qualitative Research I
  • RESM 8340: Qualitative Research II
  • RESM 8350: Methods of Survey Research
  • RESM 8360: Program Evaluation
  • Keep other advanced RESM courses for potential minor in RESM?

Major in Educational Psychology (24 credit hours = 8 courses)

>>Introductory 7000 level courses provide a foundation for 8000 level courses. Plan your program of studies accordingly.<<

  • EDP 7110: Basic Educational Psychology
  • EDP 7230: Adult Development
  • EDP 7240: Applied Child and Adolescent Development
  • EDP 7310: Issues and Innovations in Learning And Instruction
  • EDP 7330: Behavior Management

>>Advanced 8000 level courses build on 7000 level courses. Plan your program of studies accordingly.<<

  • EDP 8120: School Violence Theory, Prevention, and Intervention ☮
  • EDP8130: Human Coping in Adulthood
  • EDP 8140: Motivation Theory and Application
  • EDP 8150: Cultural Perspectives in Learning and Development
  • EDP 8190: Seminar in Educational Psychology
  • EDP 8240: Theories of Development
  • EDP 8250: Social Development
  • EDP 8360: Thinking and Reasoning in School Contexts ☮
  • EDP 8370: Media Literacy, Society, and the Mind ☮
  • EDP 8990: Independent Study in Educational Psychology (if ☮ focused)

Minor Elective Area (9 credit hours = 3 courses)
>>Can be taken anywhere in the university, not limited to the Judith Herb College of Education.<<

Culminating Experience: Dissertation (10 credit hours, or more)

  • EDP 8960: Dissertation Research in Educational Psychology

= Minimum of 61 credit hours

☮ The Online Graduate Certificate in the Foundations of Peace Education (12 credit hours) can be immersed in the doctoral degree program. (more info)


Examples of dissertations are provided on the Main Page of the Educational Psychology Program (at bottom of main page).
Students are eligible to apply for support funds for their dissertation research.  More information can be found here.


Students applying for Ph.D. program come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. Applicants may have either a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in any relevant field:

  • Bachelor's degree with a GPA of 2.7 or higher on a 4-point scale;
  • Statement of Purpose regarding reason(s) for applying to the program;
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's ability to complete advanced degree work;
  • Curriculum Vitae/resume, transcripts, and writing samples;
  • Professional interview with the program faculty; and
  • For more details contact the Department Chair.

Students may apply for Graduate Assistantships and/or Financial Aid. Please submit your online application to the College of Graduate Studies (utoledo.edu/graduate).


Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership

Department Chair: Dr. Edward Janak
Phone: (+1) 419.530.4114
Email: Edward.Janak@utoledo.edu
Twitter: @UToledoEdPsych
Web: utoledo.edu/education/depts/efl/programs/edpsych

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