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2016-2017 Academic Year

2016-2017 Executive Board
President : Alana Brooks
Vice President: Ali Moore
VP of Professional Development: Nico Covarrubias
VP of Communication: Allison Spencer
PR/Community Service: Kollin Fitzpatrick
Alumni Coordinator: Emily Orsini 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Debra Harmening

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2015-2016 Academic Year

2015-2016 Executive Board
President : JP Murray
Vice President: Brandon Hines
Professional Development Chair: Marlin Hunter
Public Relations Chair: Alana Brooks
Executive Secretary: Alexandra Moore
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Snejana Slantcheva Durst 

2015-2016 Executive Board

 (2015-2016 Executive Board- Marlin Hunter, Brandon Hines, JP Murray, Alana Brooks, and Alexandra Moore)

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2014-2015 Academic Year

2014-2015 Executive Board
President : Alexandra White
Vice President: Tera McDonald
Executive Secretary: Marlin Hunter
Professional Development Chair: Ahmed Hassan
Public Relations Chair: JP Murray
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Snejana Slantcheva Durst 

HESA Students at the Internship Opportunities Workshop  HESA Students with Student Affairs professionals at the HESA Professional Panel
(HESA students at the Internship Opportunities Workshop)                           (HESA students with UT Professionals at the Professional Development Panel)

HESA Turkey Trot 2nd year HESA students at Winter Dinner
(HESA students enjoying Turkey Trot)                                                           (Some of the 2nd year HESA students at Winter Dinner) 

Alex and Brittanie at Winter Dinner  HESA Winter Dinner Group Picture
(Alex White and Brittanie Kuhr at Winter Dinner)                                              (HESA students all piled in for a group photo at Winter Dinner)

(HESA Students at SUNDAY FUNDAY)                                                              (HESA Group at the end of the year HESAPALOOZA banquet)

 Alemena and Tera  Brandon and JP
(Alemena and Tera during paper plate awards)                                      (Brandon and JP during paper plate awards)

Brandon Ahmed Alex and Alemena
(Brandon elected as the new HESA VP)                                   (Ahmed as Mr. Awesome)                          (Alex and Alemena)

 JP and Francis Brittany and Alex
 (Frances and JP at HESAPALOOZA)                                          (Brittany and Alex at HESAPALOOZA)

2nd years at HESAPALOOZA
                                                                      (2nd years at HESAPALOOZA)

New HESA Officers
(Out with the old, in with the new! Presenting the new HESA Executive Board for 2015-2016)

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2013-2014 Academic Year

2014-2014 Executive Board
President : Erin Harper
Vice President: Emily Hickey
Executive Secretary: Alexandra White
Professional Development Chair: Quintin Veasley
Public Relations Chair: Elecia Harvey 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Snejana Slantcheva Durst

HESA HENS NIGHT  HESA Professional Panel
(HESA students at the Toledo MudHens baseball game.)                                           (HESA students at the UT Alumni Professional Development Panel.) 
 HESA Students at HESA Palooza    HESA EC Board
 (HESA students at the end of year celebration "HESA Palooza".)          (2013-2014 Executive Board- Quintin Veasley, Emily Hickey, Erin Harper, Alex White and Elecia Harvey)

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