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The K-5 Algebraic Thinking Initiative is a professional development project to support teachers in developing and implementing the Patterns, Functions and Algebra benchmarks and indicators in the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Mathematics. Project participants will explore their current mathematics text in light of what is involved in developing experiences that engage students in algebraic reasoning. A major focus is on understanding the implications of algebra as a K-12 strand rather and the role of algebrafied arithmetic in elementary mathematics.

The K-5 Algebra Initiative provides over 100 hours of high-quality sustained professional development in three phases: An

  1. Introduction to the Algebra Standard
  2. Rethinking Algebra and its Place in Elementary Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  3. Engaging K-5 Students in Algebra and Algebraic Thinking

Phase 1: March 20, 2007 and April 24, 2007 4:00-7:00

Phase 2: June 18-22, 2007 and June 25-29, 2007  8:30-4:30

Phase 3: Fall 2007 Four 3-Hour Sessions(Dates to be Determined)

The K-5 Algebraic Initiative is funded by an Improving Teacher Quality Grant Administered by The Ohio Board of Regents.
This work is supported by the Toledo Federation of Teachers and the administration of Toledo Public Schools.

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