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Project Open House Advisory Board

Project Open House Board Members
Todd Barnhouse - Director, Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association
Jody Beall - 619 Coordinator, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness/Ohio Department of Education
Kara Bertke-Wente - Deputy Director, Office of Family Assistance
Diane Fox - EI Program Manager, State Department of Developmental Disabilities
Suzanne Gall - Executive Director, YWCA of Greater Toledo/Child Care Resource and Referral
Kimberly Hauck - Assistant Deputy Director, State Department of Developmental Disabilities
Deanna Jackson - Education Support Specialist, Goddard Systems, Inc.
Sarah Jackson - Early Learning/School Readiness Coordinator, State Support Team, Region 8
Delisa Nelson - SUTQ Coordinator, Child Care Resource Center - Main Office
Helene Stacho - Coordinator Early Learning, State Support Team, Region 11
Susan Jones - Parent Representative
Laura Maddox - Program Director, Center for the Young Child & Program Co-Director, Online Learning - OCALI
Lynette Kjelka - Assistant Director of Inclusion, Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities


Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council Project Manager
Kay Treanor - Policy Analyst, Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

Project Open House Staff
Laurie Dinnebeil - Project PI, Chair-Department of Early Childhood Ed, Higher Ed & Special Ed, Univ. of Toledo
William McInerney - Project Co-I, The University of Toledo
Shana Pyle - Grant Manager, The University of Toledo


Last Updated: 4/2/19