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Project Assure

The University of Toledo
College of Education
Department of Early Childhood, Physical and Special Education

 Project Assure

Ideas that Work

Sponsored by
U.S. Department of Education
Office Of Special Education Programs

Project Director:
Dr. William McInerney

Project Coordinator:
Dr. Lyn Hale

Project Secretary:
Mrs. Pat Hacker

Project ASSURE is a personnel preparation training grant focusing on preparing teachers and early interventionists to work with children with significant disabilities ages 0-8. Project ASSURE is now in its final year of funding; the final cohort of students began their program of study in Fall 2006.While the current program will end in Summer 2007, we hope to offer grants similar to this program in the future. Continue to monitor the JHCOE website for future notices. 

For information about Project ASSURE and what has been accomplished click here.

More information? call toll free 1-877-417-1791, or email
patricia.hacker@utoledo.edu or lyn.hale@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 6/9/16