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Lynne Hamer - Coordinator



Success Stories of UT@TPS Programs

Teach Toledo is a UT@TPS program that:

  • provides a supportive environment for parents and community members interested in the success of our urban public schools, pursuing their own education while being role models for youth;
  • provides affordable classes for beginning college. Financial aid is available to those who qualify;
  • supports adult learners who have family responsibilities, making their own schedules match those of their children.

First UT@TPS graduates Lillie Cox and Earma Algee

First graduates of UT@TPS

Lillie Cox and Earma Algee were the first UT@TPS students to complete degrees, graduating with their Associate degrees in 2015. Here, they celebrate with Dr. Ward Barnett, principal of Jones Leadership Academy; Dr. Lynne Hamer, director of UT@TPS; Dr. Cecelia Adams, then president of the TPS Board of Education; and Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti, then dean of the JHCOE.


Attend college while children are in school

Twanda Brown will complete her Associate degree in 2016. Her son, LaTwan, began preschool while Twanda was a college student.


Twanda Brown will complete Associates degree in 2016.


Chartyise Fagon earned associates degree in 2015

Continuing on for a Bachelor's degree

Chartyise Fagan earned his Associate degree in 2015, graduating with distinction. He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree on main campus


Doing it together!

Phyllis Toney and niece Marquelle Chandler attend classes together.  Both are completing their Associate degrees in 2016.

Phyllis Toney and niece Marquelle Chandler attend classes together


Renee Richardson and Belinda Collier completed Associates degree in 2015


Sherelene Pressley, pastor of Deliverance House of God in Toledo, completed her Associate degree Business in December, 2015 and is continuing on for the Bachelor’s degree. She has found that the coursework in business is helpful to her work helping to run the church, and that her being a student inspires family and parishioners.

options to continue your education

Belinda Collier (seated) completed her Associate degree in 2015 and is continuing for her Bachelor's degree on main campus. Renee Richardson is contemplating going for an Education degree.





Sherelene Pressley

Last Updated: 11/13/17