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College of Engineering Diversity Mission Statement

We, The College of Engineering, are committed to diversity. We strive to prepare all students regardless of their race, class, color, religion, national origin,gender, ideology, sexual orientation, and presence of any disability for a career in the Engineering sciences and technologies. We further encourage an atmosphere among faculty and staff that values cultural differences and recognizes the contributions of a body of people as an integral piece of the learning process and work environment.  


Name: Lesley Berhan, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor and Director of Engineering Diversity Initiatives

Contact Phone: 419-530-8220

Contact Email:

Diversity Committee

  • MIME - Leslie Berhan
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering - Cyndee Gruden
  • Bioengineering - Patricia Relue
  • Engineering Technology - Jared Oluoch, Luis Mata
  • Chemical Engineering - Maria Coleman
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Raghav Khanna

Staff Members:

  • Emily Creamer
  • Renee Norrils
Last Updated: 2/14/17