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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When should I see my advisor? A: When you have a scheduling or academic question or problem.


Registration and Scheduling: 

Q: When do I advance register for my classes? A: Best to do it at the earliest possible time, but you will not be able to do it before your scheduled time. See registration info on the web.

Q: I advance registered and got my classes, but my classes got dropped. Why did this happen and what should I do? A: If you do not pay tuition by the payment deadline, your classes are dropped.

Q: I'm closed out of the section of the course I need. What should I do? A: First, get into any section of that course that fits in your schedule. Then see the professor to see if you can get signed into the section you want/need. Alternately, check the web from time to time to see if a seat opens up due to people changing their schedules. In addition, check again after the payment deadline, because schedules are deleted for non-payment.

Q: I tried to advance register at my appointment time, but the computer wouldn't let me. Why? A: Either you had a fine, parking ticket, or other charge that was not paid.

Q: I'm a new freshman [or….I'm a transfer student new to UT] and I see that everyone else had their chance to register for this coming spring semester last March and April. When can I register for next spring semester? A: Entering freshman and transfer students will be able to advance register for spring semester classes in October. You will hear more about this in Orientation class. If you are not in orientation, see your advisor.


Co-Op Issues: 

Q: Why do I have an incomplete [IN] for my co-op? A: In order to get a grade of pass [PS] you must: [1] complete the evaluation of your co-op, [2] pay the co-op fee, and [3] have your supervisor complete his/her evaluation of you. Best to do these during the last week of the semester even though you may be working another week or two. [Details about this in Professional Development.]

Q: I haven't been checking my emails regularly and I think I missed several good job possibilities for my next co-op. Now it looks like I may not get a co-op job. Do I schedule classes for next semester? A: If you do not get a co-op job because you didn't do what was required of you in a timely fashion, you will still be on the same co-op plan but your next co-op will be two semesters later. This could delay your graduation in engineering. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.



Q: I'm in Calculus I, but I may not pass it. Should I advance register for Calc II or Calc I to retake it? A: Register for Calc II. If you fail Calc I, the Math Department will find a seat for you in Calc I if you advance registered for Calc II. However, if you registered for Calc I and now you need to get into Calc II, there may not be a space for you, and they will not accommodate your need to get into Calc II if a seat is not available.

Q: I'm in Chemistry [CHEM 1230] and my friend is in this as well as in Chemistry Lab. I forgot to schedule Chemistry Lab. What should I do? A: You don't need Chemistry Lab. You only need the courses on your flowchart and Chemistry Lab is not on there. Your friend must be in a department that requires Chemistry Lab [like maybe Chemical Engineering, or the Chemistry Department].

Q: I have three final exams back-to-back-to-back. What should I do? A: See the profs for each of the courses, explain the situation, and request to take the exam at a different day. Maybe one or more will give you some flexibility. If the profs say no, you must live with it.

Last Updated: 11/7/18