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Honors Program

The Jesup Scott Honors College in the College of Engineering provides opportunities for challenging and individual study to undergraduate students of unusually high ability, motivation and initiative.

Admission to the Honors College is competitive and based on high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, an essay, an extracurricular resume, and references. Students entering directly from high school with a 3.75 GPA and an ACT composite of 28 (1240 SAT) are encouraged to apply. Highly motivated students with a 3.5 GPA and an ACT composite of 25 (1140 SAT) or higher are also considered.

All admissions to the Honors College are granted on a space available basis. Continuing and transfer students with strong academic backgrounds are also encouraged to apply. For more information, please see the Jesup Scott Honors College.

To receive the Honors Citation upon graduation from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, the following criteria must be met:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.3.
  • A total of 33 semester hours in Honors courses are required, 6 of which must be in the interdisciplinary Honors Reading Conferences, and 10 of which must be in Honors courses offered by the UT College of Engineering.
  • Complete an Honors Thesis or Honors Project. This may be used to satisfy 3 of the 10 Engineering honors hours, and may count as a technical elective. See your honors advisor for more details.

Honors Thesis

It is acceptable for CIVE honors students to submit their final report from CIVE 4750 Senior Design Project as their honors thesis. Students choosing to submit their design project final report DO NOT need to reformat their report to meet Honors College specifications.

To submit your design project final report as your honors thesis, you should first complete the Honors Thesis and Capstone Approval Form to the Honors College. When your design project report is complete, you should compose and attach a thesis cover page and a one page executive summary to indicate what was done on the project.

A copy of the design project final report with cover page and executive summary should be submitted to the Jesup Scott Honors College. A copy of the cover page and executive summary should be submitted to the College of Engineering Honors Advisor.

Honors Coursework

The following courses may be used to satisfy the curricular requirements of the Honors College. With the exception of the HON and MATH courses, you should register for honors sections of the courses listed below to receive honors credit. Honors sections of these courses are generally numbered -091, -092, etc. or -991, -992, etc. for online Honors classes.

Required Honors Courses (6 hours) 
HON 1010 - Readings Conference I (3 hours) 
HON 1020 - Readings Conference II (3 hours)

Engineering Honors Courses* (10 hours) (depends on availability per semester)
CIVE 1000 - Orientation and Intro to Civil Engineering (2 hours) 
CIVE 1150 - Engineering Mechanics: Statics (3 hours)
CIVE 1160 - Engineering Strengths of Materials (3 hours)
CIVE 3630 - Wastewater Engineering (3 hours)
EECS 2300 - Electrical Circuits (4 hours)
MIME 2600 - Engineering Economics (3 hours)
MIME 3400 - Thermodynamics (3 hours)
CIVE 4750 - Senior Design Projects (3 hours)
*Speak with CIVE Honors adviser for more options

Mathematics and Natural Sciences Honors Courses (depends on availability per semester)
BIOL 2150 - Fundamentals of Life Science I (4 hours) 
BIOL 2170 - Fundamentals of Life Science II (4 hours) 
CHEM 2410 - Organic Chemistry I (3 hours) 
CHEM 2420 - Organic Chemistry II (3 hours) 
CHEM 3510 - Biochemistry I (3 hours) 
CHEM 3520 - Biochemistry II (3 hours) 
MATH 1920 - Honors Calculus I (4 hours) 
MATH 1930 - Honors Calculus II (4 hours) 
MATH 2950 - Honors Multivariate Calculus (4 hours) 
MATH 3820 - Honors Differential Equations (3 hours) 
PHYS 2130 - Physics I (5 hours) 
PHYS 2140 - Physics II (5 hours)

Humanities, Social Science and Multicultural Electives Honors Courses 
(depends on availability per semester) 
ECON 1150 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3 hours) 
ECON 1200 - Principles of Microeconomics (3 hours) 
HON 2020 - Multicultural Literatures: North Amer. Experience (3 hours) 
HON 2030 - Multicultural Literatures: Non-European World (3 hours) 
PHIL 2200 - Introduction to Philosophy (3 hours) 
PSC 3900 - Seminar in International Politics (3 hours) 
PSY 1010 - Principles of Psychology (3 hours) 
SOC 1010 - Introduction to Sociology (3 hours) 
THR 1100 - Introduction to Theatre (3 hours)

Business Minor Honors Courses 
BUAD 3010 - Principles of Marketing (3 hours) 
BUAD 3020 - Principles of Manufacturing & Service Systems (3 hours) 
BUAD 3030 - Mgmt. & Behavior Processes in Organizations (3 hours) 
BUAD 3040 - Principles of Financial Management (3 hours)

Last Updated: 11/7/18